Friday, 23 December 2011

A note from Tabitha Rendall, the league's 2012 chief!

Dear All,

Some of you will recognise my name as having taken part in the LWCR league in 2011. I have volunteered to help in the running of the league in 2012 and, in this guise, am writing to you as we are currently in the process of trying to sort out the framework for next year's league to take this exciting league forward into another year.

Some of you will also be aware that Rapha are interested in sponsoring the league for next year. An initial meeting and some discussions have taken place and details of a proposed framework are set out below. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about what is being proposed.

1. Support and assistance
Running a league like the LWCR league takes a lot of work behind the scenes and any help and assistance we can get is welcome. Offers that have come in already following Maria's email have been gratefully received and will be followed up. We would like to suggest that for each of the major teams involved in the league (three or more of you racing regularly) one person is nominated as the point of contact for that team. If we need any help, then the point of contact person will be asked to chivvy their teammates as necessary! It will also give us someone to contact if there are any last minute changes to races. So, please give us the names of your chief chivviers.

Some specific tasks that we would welcome people with specialist skills to volunteer for are:
- Social media management: to take control of the website, Facebook page and the Twitter account to use these tools more effectively;
- Social events organisation: to be in charge of organising the social events (see below for more details);
- Email response management: to respond promptly and manage responses to emails that come to the league via the website.

Maryka and I will be the main co-ordinators for the league but as I am sure you appreciate we both have busy lives and if we don't get enough support there is a risk that the league will not continue or will not thrive.

2. Sponsorship
Rapha would commit to sponsoring the league for up to three years (TBC pending final agreements with Rapha). They would provide leader's jerseys for races (1 jersey per season to be retained by each leading rider, new leaders would get a new jersey), money towards booking circuits for skills sessions (potentially three sessions at each of Hillingdon, Hog Hill and Cyclopark hopefully to be run prior to an actual race), and prizes at the end of the season. In addition to the leader's jersey, we are proposing a badging system whereby each rider who completes a race would get a badge with the top three and the top cat 3/4 rider getting a 'special' badge. The finer details of this are all TBC.

If needed, Rapha will be able to help provide additional marshalling bibs, race numbers and the press and PR to get more people out to events.

Additionally, to celebrate the great stuff going on in the sport at both grassroots and elite level, Rapha ambassador and sport photographer, Gem Atkinson, is going to be more involved photographing and reporting on women's racing for the 2012 season.

Rapha are very happy for other sponsors to be involved but not other clothing companies which would sadly mean losing Ana Nichoola as a sponsor. Currently sponsorship from any other companies has not been sought or offered but we would hope to maintain links with LMNH and would be open to offers from non-clothes specific companies if the Rapha deal goes ahead.

For background information, inspired by the success of LWCR, Rapha are planning sponsorship of four other women's leagues next year, three in the US (New York City, Portland and a New England women's cross league) and sponsorship of women's racing in Australia (Melbourne). This is a part of and one of the first steps in Rapha's push to support and grow the culture of women's cycling, building riders' confidence and getting more women serious about the sport.

3. LWCR races
We do not have a finalised calendar yet but we are proposing to use mostly similar races to last year, hopefully with no two races on the same circuit. Additional races that may be included (dependent on the organisers' willingness to be part of our league) are several Surrey League road races and maybe one at Cyclopark (near Gravesend).

We are hoping to have a calendar with around 12 races with at least one, but possibly two, time trials. We have not finalised how rankings will be determined yet but we will probably have your top six rankings counting and we may have some sort of weighting system for the team prize. Some of the road races will only allow 3rd cats and above so we will try to ensure that there are at least six races open to all categories. We would encourage 4th cats to gain points at the evening races at Hog Hill, Hillingdon and Crystal Palace in order to move up to 3rd cat if they want to race on the road.

4. Skills sessions
As mentioned above we would like to organise some skills sessions with qualified coaches and maybe even a star rider. Ideally these would be for a couple of hours prior to a race at one of the circuits. In addition we would like to suggest that each of the main teams organises a group ride before the season starts to allow people to get to know each other and to get used to riding in a group. If anyone is a qualified coach and would be willing to help with these, please let us know.

Rapha are also running their own skills sessions and social events across different cycling disciplines which LWCR riders would be welcome and encouraged to attend. We would keep you informed via the website when any of these are going on.

5. Social events
We would like to organise three social events, hopefully with at the Look Mum No Hands cafe. We would have one pre-season, one mid-season and one post-season (this would be the the final rankings prize giving event). These could either be buy your own food and drink or pay for a ticket which gives you food and a drink, say.

Please let us have your thoughts and suggestions on any and/or all of the above as soon as possible as we would like to finalise the calendar early in the new year.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes and a happy Christmas to you and your families,

P.S. Please forward this to fellow team members or club forums as we do not have email addresses for all racers. We will also be putting it on the website and Facebook page.

Friday, 28 October 2011

2011 Awards Night Recap

Many thanks to our sponsors AnaNichoola, Motion Junkies and Rapha Racing for generously providing so many quality prizes for our annual awards night (full list below). Highlights of the evening included league winner Lydia Boylan of Look Mum No Hands! RT receiving a Rapha long-sleeved jersey and rainjacket along with a trophy commemorating her win. Look Mum No Hands! RT took home a massive trophy for their win in the team category, which will be proudly displayed. Thanks to Sam, Lewin and Matt for letting us hold the awards evening there in the cafe.

Look Mum No Hands! RT members took the top team prize (from left, DS Sam Humpheson and riders Anna Grundy, league individual winner Lydia Boylan, and Helen McKay)

The jury-awarded categories each received Rapha arm warmers and cap. They included most improved rider (Tabitha Rendall, Team Larkfield Cycles), best new rider (Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC), rider showing the most commitment (Lisa Gunn, Kingston Wheelers), and most combative rider (Nicola Juniper, Inverse/Cyclaim RT). The Lanterne Rouge prize went to the lowest-ranked rider present on the night, which turned out to be Nikki Engelbach of Pearson CC. She received a Rapha club jersey and special red cap.

Individual Prizes
1st Lydia Boylan, Look Mum No Hands! RT, trophy + Rapha long-sleeved jersey + rainjacket
2nd Anna Grundy, LMNH, Rapha club jersey
3rd Charlie Easton, LMNH, Rapha club jersey
4th Emily Bagnall, Kingston Wheelers, Rapha club jersey
5th Astrid Wingler, London Phoenix, Rapha club jersey
6th Helen McKay, LMNH, Rapha cap
7th Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC, Rapha cap
8th Lisa Gunn, Kingston Wheelers, Rapha cap
9th Vikki Filsell, Pearson CC, AnaNichoola armwarmers
10th Dyanne Holland, Inverse/Cyclaim RT, AnaNichoola armwarmers
11th Nicole Oh, Pearson CC, Rapha scarf
12th Joanne McRae, LMNH, Rapha scarf
13th Tabitha Rendall, Team Larkfield Cycles, Rapha scarf
14th Delia Beddis, Dulwich Paragon, Rapha scarf
15th Coralie Glaunes, Pearson CC, Rapha scarf
16th Pan Pan Fan, LMNH, AnaNichoola scarf
17th Nicola Hamilton, LMNH, AnaNichoola gloves
18th Tessa Pugh, London Dynamo, Rapha water bottles + Motion Junkies kit
19th Elise Sherwell, LMNH, Rapha water bottles
20th Tracy Corbett, London Dynamo, Motion Junkies kit

Team Prizes
1st Look Mum No Hands! RT, trophy
2nd Pearson CC, trophy
3rd Kingston Wheelers, trophy

The girls from Pearson CC showed up in team kit to claim 2nd place overall in the team competition (from left, Vikki Filsell, Nikki Engelback and Mathilde Pauls)

Other Prize Categories
Most Improved Rider: Tabitha Rendall, Team Larkfield Cycles
Best New Rider: Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC,p
Rider showing the most commitment: Lisa Gunn, Kingston Wheelers
Most combative rider: Nicola Juniper, Inverse/Cyclaim RT
Lanterne Rouge (lowest placed rider who is present on the night): Nikki Engelbach, Pearson CC

We also awarded Rider of the Day for two rounds, sponsored by Motion Junkies who awarded Hoo Ha Ride Glide and shampoo bundles:
Round 5, Hog Hill: Astrid Wingler, London Phoenix
Round 9, Henfold Hill: Vikki Filsell, Pearson CC

And awarded from the first race of the season:
Best 3rd cat: Dyanne Holland, Inverse/Cyclaim RT (winner of AnaNichoola gloves)
Best 4th cat: Kate Hewett, Team Mule Bar Girls (winner of Rapha armwarmers)

The evening's MC and league coordinator Maria David thanked everyone for coming and mentioned that the league had been a great success this year, even counting world junior road race champion Lucy Garner (Motorpoint) as one of the participants. With 55 riders taking part in 8 races on several different and challenging courses, we had something for everyone. We hope to see everyone back next season.

League coordinator Maria David MC's the evening.

Rapha Racing rep and league member Collyn Ahart mentioned that Rapha is hoping to see both the league and women's cycling in general increase in profile in 2012 by putting more into the sponsorship role. Of course, the LWCR can't operate without volunteers at the helm, and with Maria moving on to new challenges we are looking for someone to take over heading up the league next year. It's a nearly thankless task, but Collyn assured us that anyone wishing to take it on would be looked after in the form of Rapha kit in kind. So let us know if you're up for the job.

Special thanks go to Dave Hayward for taking photos of the evening.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Awards Night Reminder!

Just a quick reminder that we are holding our prize presentation at Look Mum No Hands cycle cafe on Thursday October 20, 2011.

The 2011 league top 20 riders (all receive cash prizes) are:

1 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands! RT 210
2 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands! RT 190
3 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands! RT 188
4 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers 168
5 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix 142
6 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands! RT 135
7 Karla Boddy High Wycombe CC 129
8 Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers 125
9 Vikki Filsell Pearson CC 123
10 Dyanne Holland Inverse/Cyclaim RT 118
11 Nicole Oh Pearson CC 114
12 Joanne McRae Look Mum No Hands! RT 104
13 Tabitha Rendall Team Larkfield Cycles 100
14 Delia Beddis Dulwich Paragon 96
15 Coralie Glaunes Pearson CC 91
16 Pan Pan Fan Look Mum No Hands! RT 76
17 Nicola Hamilton Look Mum No Hands! RT 74
18 Tessa Pugh London Dynamo Prologue 70
19 Elise Sherwell Look Mum No Hands! RT 62
20 Tracy Corbett London Dynamo Prologue 59

And the top 3 teams (also receiving cash prizes) are:

1 Look Mum No Hands! RT 1088
2 Pearson CC 432
3 Kingston Wheelers 348

We are also giving out the following awards (winners to be named on the night):

Most Improved Rider
Best New Rider
Rider showing the most commitment
Most combative rider

plus a Lanterne Rouge prize for the lowest ranked rider who is present on the night.

Rapha has kindly donated many extra prizes for the top 20 riders and our special award categories. As well, we've got some prizes donated by regular sponsors AnaNichoola and Motion Junkies to give away to our top riders.

It's shaping up to be a fine evening! Beer, music, quality cycling kit and fellow racers, what better way to spend an October evening as the off-season draws near.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Prize Presentation at Look Mum No Hands, October 20

The final league rankings are up! The races at Crystal Palace were cancelled due to the London riots and rain, meaning round 10 was missed. The final rankings are based on each rider's top 6 results of 9 races.

Congratulations to Lydia Boylan of Look Mum No Hands RT! for winning the 2011 London Women's Cycle Racing league with 210 points. Her teammates Anna Grundy and Charlotte Easton were 2nd and 3rd respectively. Look Mum No Hands RT! also took the team prize, with Pearson CC in 2nd place and Kingston Wheelers rounding out the top 3.

Thanks to all the teams, clubs and riders who took part this year, the league would not have existed without you. We hope everyone enjoyed the racing. Special thanks to our sponsors for supporting us and providing prizes.

Fittingly, we'll be having the league prize presentation at Look Mum No Hands cycle cafe on Thursday October 20, 2011. It's intended to be a laid-back evening of awards, beer and socialising, and all are welcome. Spread the word and we'll see you there!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Stop Press: Crystal Palace 9/8/2011, now non-Counting

In light of current events in London, tonight's women's race at Crystal Palace will now be non-counting for the league. LWCR are promoting next week's race at Crystal Palace so we would be very happy to see lots of women (and their friends) help marshal at the event.
At next week's race we will present the 3rd and 4th cat champion trophies + other prizes.
The Grande Finale prize presentation is still scheduled to take place at the end of the road race season, details of which will be posted in the coming weeks.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and support for the LWCR league.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Round 9 results are up!

Sunday's road race -- one of only three open road races for women in the southeast region this year -- was a nice change from the usual circuit racing format of the LWCR. Round 9 saw 19 starters and finishers on a warm sunny day befitting late July.

Right from the start the Look Mum No Hands team, especially Charlotte Easton, enforced the pace, and the field was soon strung out into single file before hitting the steepest hill on the course. This hill, which has a gradient of 17%, combined with a very rough road surface, could easily have split up the bunch, but everyone re-grouped on the following downhill section.

Not long into the race Nicola Juniper (Inverse/Cyclaim) and Jo McRae (Look Mum No Hands) attacked hard and opened up a considerable gap. However, after about a lap, first Jo and then Nicola were caught by the bunch, which was still moving fast due to the pace set by, among others, the Kingston Wheelers' Emily Bagnall and Lisa Gunn. Anna Grundy (Look Mum No Hands) made everyone work hard on the hill, but despite some additional attacks, no-one managed to get away.

In the end it all came down to a bunch sprint. Jo led out her teammate Anna, but Kim Ashton, who had looked strong throughout, managed to accelerate away from the other women and took a clear victory. Karla Boddy (High Wycombe CC) also finished strongly, overtaking Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix) who just about managed to hang on to third. With most women crossing the line close together, the riders could only be separated using video evidence.

The podium from left to right: 2nd place Karla Boddy (High Wycombe CC), winner Kim Ashton (Caesarian CC), 3rd place Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix).

Thanks to the London Phoenix for promoting this race as part of the Surrey League calendar. With many riders in the region now racing as third category riders, open road races such as these have a bright future in the southeast.

With one race left, Look Mum No Hands RT's Lydia Boylan has won the league as nobody else can catch her. Second place and onwards are up for grabs however! The final race is at Crystal Palace on August 9.

1st 2 Kimberley Ashton Caesarian CC 2W 1hr 55mins
2nd 1 Karla Boddy High Wycombe CC 2W @ s.t. *
3rd 5 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix CC 2W @ s.t. *
4th 19 Nicola Juniper Inverse / Cyclaim RT 1W @ s.t. *
5th 17 Emma Craddock Southdown Bikes 2W @ s.t.
6th 9 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands 1W @ s.t. *
7th 6 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands 1W @ s.t. *
8th 14 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers 2W @ s.t. *
9th 3 Dyanne Holland Inverse / Cyclaim RT 2W @ s.t. *
10th 8 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands 1W @ s.t. *
11th 12 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles 2W @ s.t. *
12th 18 Nikola Butler Inverse / Cyclaim RT 3W @ s.t. *
13th 4 Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers 3W @ s.t. *
14th 11 Coralie Glaunes Pearson Cycles 3W @ s.t. *
15th 13 Tabitha Rendall Team Larkfield Cycles 3W @ s.t. *
16th 15 Jo McRae Look Mum No Hands 2W @ s.t. *
17th 20 Tracy Corbett London Dynamo 2W @ 1 lap *
18th 7 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands 2W @ 1 lap *
19th 16 Sarah Odell Pearson Cycles 3W @ 1 lap *

* denotes league rider

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Surrey League Women’s Road Race, 31 July - Grass roots road race for women!

The Surrey League and London Phoenix offer women one of the rare opportunities to compete in a grass roots race on the open road. The 80 km race, which takes place on the Henfold Hill course on 31 July (start at 1:30pm), also counts towards the London Women’s Cycle Racing league.
The race is open to E/1/2/3 category riders. For LWCR and Surrey League members the entry fee is reduced to £15 (online entries on
The course is rolling with some steep ramps (for more information about the Henfold Hill course see Race headquarters is the Beare Green Village Hall (Merebank, Beare Green, Surrey, RH5 4RD).

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Round 8 results are up!

A good field of local riders gathered on the start line for the second round of the Inverse RT Summer Road Race Series, which was also Round 8 of the LWCR League. The bunch, which consisted of a good spread of established and new racers set off at a high tempo pace.

Thanks to the efforts of Nicola Juniper (Inverse/Cyclaim RT) and Detta Guerrini (London Dynamo) the peloton was strung out on a number of occasions, but no breakaway managed to stick. Not even the prime lap, won by Tabitha Rendall (Team Larkfield Cycles) from Emily Bagnall (Kingston Wheelers) and Nicola Juniper (Inverse/Cyclaim RT) could do much to split the bunch.

Each hard effort on the mini climb meant a handful of newer riders dropped off the pace, but they kept going nevertheless, with riders such as Romana Richards (Kingston Wheelers) and Anna Korbacz (London Dynamo) working well together and making the most of their first foray into racing.

At one point a trio consisting of Juniper, Guerrini and High Wycombe CC’s Karla Boddy looked like they would get away, but as ever the bunch managed to pull them back, and the peloton stayed together for the duration of the race.

Detta Guerrini launches an attack.

The bell lap saw Nicola Juniper put in a huge dig on the climb, shelling a few women off the back. A little jostling saw a couple of riders, including Vikki Filsell (Pearson CC) hit the deck - fortunately with no damage to bike nor rider.

Coming into the home strait the contenders gave it their all, but no one could match the sprinting prowess of Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands RT) who seemed to dart out from nowhere to snatch the win and ride herself back to the top of the league table.

Lydia Boylan has a comfortable margin of victory to sit up and celebrate early.

Detta Guerrini (London Dynamo) and Clemence Copie (Private Member) completed the podium and Karla Boddy (High Wycombe CC) was awarded a fourth place prize. Nicola Juniper (Inverse/Cyclaim RT) was deservedly nominated the Bean About Town Rider of the Day.

The podium (from left to right, Detta Guerrini, Lydia Boylan and Clemence Copie), flanked by promoting club Inverse/Cyclaim's "podium girls" Nicola Juniper and Dyanne Holland.

1 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands RT*
2 Suzetta Guerrini London Dynamo/Prologue*
3 Clemence Copie Private Member
4 Karla Boddy High Wycombe Cycling Club*
5 Emily Bagnall Kingston Whls CC*
6 Lisa Gunn Kingston Whls CC*
7 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands RT*
8 Tabitha Rendall Team Larkfield Cycles*
9 Nicole Oh Pearson Cycling Club*
10 Nicola Juniper Inverse/Cyclaim RT *
11 Tessa Pugh London Dynamo/Prologue*
12 Monica Da Polenza AW Cycles*
13 Gina McGeever Brighton Mitre CC
14 Sarah Odell Pearson Cycling Club*
15 Pan Pan Fan Look Mum No Hands RT*
16 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycling Club*
17 Natalie White Charlotteville CC
18 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands RT*
19 Sarah Yates Pearson Cycling Club*
20 Sarah Hobby WyndyMilla Maxifuel
21 Erin Cullino Private Member
22 Romana Richards Kingston Whls CC*
23 Karen Harding Charlotteville CC
24 Anna Korbacz London Dynamo/Prologue*

*denotes LWCR League affiliated rider

Thanks to John from London Cycle Sport for the pics! More are here with a write-up here.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Round 7 results are up!

The Richmond Park TT, organised and promoted by the London Dynamo club, was a resounding success for the LWCR with over two dozen riders taking part in the Lady Road division. Warm muggy weather and quiet breezy conditions made the early morning start for the ladies a bit more bearable (all the riders were off by 6:30am!) The popularity of the league and friendly nature of the event for novice riders meant the Road division well outnumbered the TT division, something that would never happen in a "typical" CTT event.

Charlotte Easton of Look Mum No Hands! RT ran away with the win, followed by her teammate Helen McKay in second place. Third place -- something that can only happen in TTs -- was a tie between three riders, with Astrid Wingler of London Phoenix sharing the accolades with LMNH racers Lydia Boylan and Joanne McRae.

Prizes for the top three finishers and the lanterne rouge (Antonia de Barton-Watson of London Dynamo) for this round were generously provided by AnaNichoola -- two pairs of her signature cycling gloves and two sets of arm-warmers.

Special thanks to Rebecca Slack for her organisation and to John Mullineaux for taking great pics as always.

Winner Charlotte Easton in the middle, with 2nd place Helen McKay on the left. In a three-way tie for third, Astrid Wingler (front), Lydia Boylan (middle) and Joanne McRae (back) squeeze together on the podium.

1 Detta Guerrini London Dynamo Lady TT 0:26:31
2 Rachel Turner The Altitude Centre Lady TT 0:26:40
3 Rachael Elliott Newbury RC Lady TT 0:26:59
4 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands! Lady Road 0:27:40 *
5 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands! Lady Road 0:28:38 *
6 Lauren Whitmore London Dynamo Lady TT 0:28:46
7 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix CC Lady Road 0:29:22 *
8 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands! Lady Road 0:29:22 *
9 Joanne McRae Look Mum No Hands! Lady Road 0:29:22 *
10 Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers Lady Road 0:29:35 *
11 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands! Lady Road 0:29:50 *
12 Tessa Pugh London Dynamo Lady Road 0:30:13 *
13 Christine Bertram N/A Lady TT 0:30:22
14 Louise Fellingham London Dynamo Lady Road 0:30:23 *
15 Kat Holloway NA Lady Road 0:30:24
16 Coralie Glaunes Pearson Cycle Club Lady Road 0:30:28 *
17 Tabitha Rendall Team Larkfield Cycles Lady Road 0:30:34 *
18 Dyanne Holland Inverse/Cyclaim RT Lady Road 0:30:36 *
19 Ruth Clifton London Dynamo Lady Road 0:30:57 *
20 Nicole Oh Pearson Cycle Club Lady Road 0:31:08 *
21 Pan Pan Fan Look Mum No Hands! Lady Road 0:31:09 *
22 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycle Club Lady Road 0:31:21 *
23 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon CC Lady Road 0:31:36 *
24 Francesca Lee Edwardes Elite Cycling Lady Road 0:31:37 *
25 Romana Richards Kingston Wheelers Lady Road 0:31:39 *
26 Isabel Cashman London Phoenix Lady Road 0:31:44 *
27 Siobhan McNamara ** Inverse/Cyclaim RT Lady Road 00:31:59 *
28 Charmaine Brown Pearson Cycle Club Lady Road 0:32:00 *
29 Jan Farmer Serpentine RC Lady TT 0:32:00
30 Victoria Collins London Dynamo Lady Road 0:32:03 *
31 Hilary Walker Serpentine RC Lady TT 0:32:20
32 Jessica Mitchell London Dynamo Lady Road 0:32:23 *
33 Nikki Engelbach Pearson Cycle Club Lady Road 0:32:26 *
34 Anna Korbacz London Dynamo Lady Road 0:32:50 *
35 Marsha El-Hage RG Active Race Team Lady TT 0:32:50
36 Antonia de Barton-Watson London Dynamo Lady Road 0:34:12 *
37 Edwina Brocklesby Serpentine RC Lady Road 0:37:18

* denotes LWCR riders
** inc 30 second roundabout penalty

Current league rankings show Charlotte Easton now in first place with a narrow two-point lead over teammate Lydia Boylan. Anna Grundy rounds out the top three.

Look Mum No Hands! RT at the top of the league rankings with three rounds left to race. From left to right: Lydia (ranked 2nd), Charlie (ranked 1st) and Anna (ranked 3rd).

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Inverse/Cyclaim RT Summer Series

Quick plug for the summer series promoted by Inverse/Cyclaim RT and held at Hillingdon. This is a five-race series held on Saturdays throughout the summer, beginning this weekend, June 25. The second of the series on July 2 also counts as LWCR Round 8.

From the flyer:

Championship points will be awarded to the top 20 riders in each race with 20 pts for first down to 1 point for 20th. In the women's race the top 20 E/1/2 and 3/4 riders will receive separate championship points from the same single race to give all the riders an even chance in the championship.

It's great to see a local team putting back into the racing community in promoting this series. Thanks to Inverse/Cyclaim for taking the initiative to provide a exciting women's format too. Please come out and support these races!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Round 6 results are up!

A large field containing some of the UK's best female road racers lined up at the start gantry for the Women’s Criterium at the Smithfield Nocturne on the evening of Saturday 11th June.

From the gun the head of the peloton, which included Annie Simpson (Horizon Fitness) and Lucy Garner (Motorpoint Cycling) set a blistering pace. Such was the speed of the race that riders were being dropped even on the opening laps, with a few racers eventually being lapped a couple of times by the front runners.

On lap 3 Lucy Garner and her Motorpoint Cycling teammate Hannah Barnes, made a distinct break off the front, thus leading to even greater fragmentation of the field.

The two young Motorpoint Cycling stars were joined by Helen Wyman (Horizon Fitness) who had to try and play a tactical game knowing the explosive sprinting power of her two rivals.

Hannah Barnes takes the victory with teammate Lucy Garner right behind. Photo courtesy of Dave Hayward.

Behind this breakaway group, riders from the other leading teams of For Viored Brookvex, Condor Cycles and individuals such as Corrine Hall (Team Corridori) and Natalie Cresswick (Abus Nutrixxion) worked hard to bring back the escapees. For a brief moment it looked like their chase had been successful, only for Helen Wyman to put the hammer down and cause the group to split again.

Meanwhile, for the rest of the field it was a case of hanging on and surviving the relentless pace driven by the leading riders.

Even if some of the local girls were out of contention for the podium there was still scope for races to take place within the race.

Look Mum No Hands! RT in the thick of it, in front of the big crowd. Photo courtesy of Dave Hayward.

Further back, royal battles were fought between riders from Look Mum No Hands RT, London Dynamo, Kingston Wheelers CC and Pearson CC as women fought to bag those all-important points for their ranking in the London Women’s League.

All this provided great entertainment for the roaring crowds, as people were out in their droves to watch great racing that brightened up this cloudy Saturday night. Every time the women zoomed by, folks banged on the hoardings enthusiastically, which in turn spurred the riders to dig in that bit deeper.

After 30 minutes of an impressive display of women’s criterium racing in London, moves were made to determine the winner. Current National Criterium Champion Hannah Barnes (Motorpoint Cycling) sprinted clear of the trio to cross the finish line as the winner, for the third year running, of the Smithfield Nocturne Women’s Criterium. Lucy Garner (Motorpoint Cycling) and Helen Wyman (Horizon Fitness) gallantly filled the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.

Helen Wyman was presented with the Bean About Town Rider of the Day prize. Coralie Glaunes (Pearson CC) was awarded a pack of quality coffee beans from Bean About Town as a Lanterne Rouge prize.

The podium, from left to right: Lucy Garner, Hannah Barnes, Helen Wyman. Photo courtesy of Connie Stevens.

In league standings, Lydia Boylan and Emily Bagnall are tied for first, with the leadership going to Lydia based on her higher placings in league races. Look Mum No Hands! RT maintains its command as top team in the league.

1 Hannah Barnes Motorpoint Cycling *
2 Lucy Garner Motorpoint Cycling *
3 Helen Wyman Kona/ FSA Factory Team
4 Annie Simpson Horizon Fitness - Prendas Ciclismo
5 Amy Roberts For Viored Brookvex
6 Alice Barnes Motorpoint Cycling *
7 Nicola Juniper PCA Ciclos Uno
8 Harriet Owen Motorpoint Cycling *
9 Natalie Creswick Abus Nutrixxion
10 Ella Sadler-Andrews Horizon Fitness - Prendas Ciclismo
11 Rohan Battison For Viored Brookvex
12 Julie Krasniak For Viored Brookvex
13 Corrine Hall Team Corridori
14 Estelle Rogers Condor Cycles
15 Ceri Dipple Twenty3c-Orbea
16 Joanne McRae Look Mum No Hands *
17 Stephanie May Team Quest - The Bike Shop
18 Delia Beddis Condor Cycles
19 Emily Bagnall Kingston Whls CC *
20 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands *
21 Louise Mahe Mulebar Girl *
22 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands *
23 Rachel Przybylski Condor Cycles
24 Caroline Harding AW Cycles *
25 Louise Moriarty Look Mum No Hands *
26 Hannah Walker Motorpoint Cycling *
27 Lisa Gunn Kingston Whls CC *
28 Emma Craddock Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
29 Louise Fellingham London Dynamo/Prologue *
30 Tracy Corbett London Dynamo/Prologue *
31 Collyn Ahart London Dynamo/Prologue *
32 Ruby Miller Cycling Team
33 Monica Da Polenza AW Cycles *
34 Coralie Glaunes Pearson Cycling Club *
35 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycling Club *
36 Pan Pan Fan Look Mum No Hands *

*denotes LWCR league affiliated rider

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Round 5 results are up!

Round 5 saw 16 women take on 15 laps of the Hoggenberg on Thursday evening. Charlotte Easton of Look Mum No Hands! RT emerged victorious while her teammate Anna Grundy reclaied the league leadership with a 2nd place finish. In fact, all three top spots in the league are held by the Look Mum No Hands team, helping to solidify their likely unsurmountable league lead in the team competition as well.

Full results from the race:

1 130 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands! RT 1 *
2 126 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands! RT 1 *
3 122 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix 2 *
4 123 Delia Beddis Dulwich Paragon 2 *
5 125 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands! RT 2 *
6 124 Dyanne Holland Inverse Cyclaim RT 3 *
7 131 Nicola Hamilton Look Mum No Hands! RT 4 *
8 132 Nicole Oh Pearson CC 4 *
9 133 Coralie Glaunes Pearson CC 4 *
10 134 Vikki Filsell Pearson CC 3 *
11 135 Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers 4 *
12 128 Tabitha Rendall Team Larkfield Cycles 4 *
13 127 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon 4 *
14 136 Romana Richards Kingston Wheelers 4 *
15 129 Claire Beaumont Condor Cycles 2
DNF 121 Francesca Lee Edwardes 4 *

* denotes league riders

Next up is round 6, the London Nocturne on Saturday June 11. For round 7, the LWCR league takes on a different challenge: the Richmond Park Time Trial. There are already numerous riders entered for this event (only the road bike entry counts towards the league) and entries by mail close at the on Friday June 10th , meaning there are a few days left to get yours in. There is NO entry on the day.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Round 4 results are up!

At HQ for the pre-race briefing (photo courtesy of Mike Morley).

Round 4 saw nearly 30 women take part in the Southeast Divisional Road Race championships, a 42 mile open road race held on the sunny lanes of Sussex and Surrey. The bunch stayed together for the most part til the final hill where Karla Boddy of High Wycombe CC pulled away for a convincing win over Lydia Boylan of Look Mum No Hands RT! Karla moves up in the standings while Lydia takes over the league leader's position with a slim 2-point lead over Emily Bagnall of Kingston Wheelers.

The bunch grinds up the hill (photo courtesy of Glyn Durrant).

Karla Boddy poses in the Corridori jersey as race winner (photo courtesy of Mike Morley).

Lydia also won the SE Champs jersey and gold medal, with Louise Mahe getting the silver and Emma Craddock the bronze.

Southeast Division Podium, from left to right Louise Mahe, Lydia Boylan and Emma Craddock (photo courtesy of Glyn Durrant).

Many thanks to Jen and Simon Mitchell of Kingston Phoenix Road Club for once again putting on a great and successful race.

1 Karla Boddy High Wycombe 3W 01:50:00 *
2 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands 2W *
3 Louise Mahe Sutton CC 3W
4 Emma Craddock South Downs Bikes 2W
5 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles 3VW *
6 Delia Beddis Dulwich Paragon CC 3W *
7 Kate Hewett Mule Bar Girls 4W *
8 Dyanne Holland Inverse Racing 3W *
9 Rachel Przybylski Rapha CC 2W
10 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers 2W *
11 Catherine Hills Wyndymilla 3VW
12 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix 2VW *
13 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands 2W *
14 Kate Scotter VC Norwich 3W
15 Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers 4W *
16 Lucinda Insall-Jones Private Member 4W
17 Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre 2W
18 Tabitha Rendall Team Larkfield Cycles 4W *
19 Pan Pan Fan Look Mum No Hands 3W *
20 Collyn Ahart London Dynamo 4W *
21 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon CC 4W @ 1 lap *
22 Nikki Engelbach Pearson Cycles 4W *
23 Geraldine Glowinski VC de Londres 3VW
24 Rebecca Booth Southdown Velo 4W
25 Lucy Francis London Dynamo 4W *
dnf Joanne Le Cocq Inverse Racing 3W *
dnf Jo Munden Team Cycle Kingdom 3W

* denotes league riders.

Full write-up and more pics at London Cycle Sport.

Updated LWCR rankings here.

Friday, 20 May 2011

South East Road Race Champs Preview

A number of riders have already pre-entered for Round 4, the SE Road Race Champs, and the start list reveals a well-matched field. On the untested-as-yet Kirdford course (has there ever been a women's race held there before?) it promises to be a good race . With league leader Anna Grundy and her Look Mum No Hands! RT teammate Charlotte Easton (multiple podium finishes at this race in the past) away at the National 10 Mile time trial, we may have a new league leader at the end. Can Lydia Boylan retain the leadership for Look Mum No Hands? Or will Emily Bagnall from the Kingston Wheelers snatch it away? Or will a last minute entry-on-the-line wildcard rider be victorious?

Four laps of ~10 miles each, with the finish line at the top of the hill, means the winner will be difficult to predict. In any case, the weather looks fine and that should mean a feisty affair with lots of attacks and challenges.

Start List:

1. Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre CC 2nd
2. Delia Beddis Dulwich Paragon 3rd
3. Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon 4th
4. Francesca Lee Edwardes Cycling 4th
5. Karla Boddy High Wycombe CC 3rd
6. Dyanne Holland Inverse/Cyclaim RT 3rd
7. Joanne Le Cocq Inverse/Cyclaim RT 3rd
8. Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers CC 2nd
9. Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers 4th
10. Kate Scotter VC Norwich 3rd
11. Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands RT! 2nd
12. Pan Pan Fan Look Mum No Hands RT! 3rd
13. Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands RT! 2nd
14. Lucy Francis London Dynamo/Prologue 4th
15. Astrid Wingler London Phoenix CC 2nd
16. Nicky Engelbach Pearson CC 4th
17. Vikki Filsell Pearson CC 3rd
18. Rachel Przybylski Rapha Condor 2nd
19. Emma Craddock South Downs Bikes 2nd
20. Louise Mahe Sutton CC 3rd
21. Catherine Hills Windymilla 3rd
22. Kate Hewett Team Mule Bar Girls 4th

HQ is North Hall, Loxwood, RH14 OSF and will be open from 11am for sign-on. Race starts at 12:30pm. Entries on the line welcome!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Round 3 results are up!

Round 3 saw the league's first of two Crystal Palace races of the year. A field of 22 (unfortunately a few women were turned away as the overall circuit limit of 100 riders was reached) took part in a spirited race that broke apart within the first few laps and saw several hotly contested sprints for placings at the end. Non-league member Corrine Hall won the overall race, with Charlotte Easton of Look Mum No Hands RT! taking first in the league placing.

Corrine Hall leads the front group.

Anna Grundy (Look Mum No Hands! RT) retains her hold on the overall league leadership, while Emily Bagnall (Kingston Wheelers) moves into second place a mere 11 points behind. Look Mum No Hands RT! has a seemingly insurmountable lead on the club rankings now with 467 points, more than twice that of the next closest contender, Pearson CC with 177 points.

League Leader Anna Grundy

Bean About Town rider of the day was Alexie Shaw of Dulwich Paragon, riding her first race ever. Lanterne Rouge was won by Laura Williams of Pearson CC. Both women were rewarded a bag of coffee beans from our sponsor.

The second bunch

Full Results
1 65 Corrine Hall Corridori 1
2 76 Estelle Rogers Rollapaluza 2
3 71 Emily Barnes Rapha Condor YA
4 75 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands RT! 1*
5 81 Delia Beddis Dulwich Paragon 3*
6 72 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands RT! 2*
7 68 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers 2*
8 62 Collyn Ahart London Dynamo Prologue 4*
9 80 Dyanne Holland Inverse/Cyclaim RT 3*
10 70 Kimberley English Welwyn Wheelers YA*
11 63 Nicole Oh Pearson CC 4*
12 79 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix 2*
13 84 Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers 4*
14 73 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands RT! 1*
15 82 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands RT! 2 *
16 77 Vikki Filsell Pearson CC 3*
17 78 Nikki Englebach Pearson CC 4*
18 66 Coralie Glaunes Pearson CC*
19 69 Alexie Shaw Dulwich Paragon 4 *
20 64 Sarah Odell Pearson CC 4*
21 83 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon 4*
22 74 Laura Williams Pearson CC 4*

* denotes league riders. Note that Coralie Glaunes has switched clubs and now rides for Pearson CC.

Full write-up and more pics at London Cycle Sport.

Updated LWCR rankings here.

Next race is the South East road race championships on May 21. Entries by post and on the day are still available. This promises to be a challenging and exciting race, one of only three women's open road races in the region and we look forward to seeing many of you out there.

Monday, 9 May 2011


A few quick notes about upcoming events:

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace has a new rider limit of 100 riders for ALL senior races. The first 100 riders who line up and sign on for the Tuesday night races will be allowed to race; all others will be turned away, regardless of category.

This means that if you want to race, you need to get there early! Senior races start at 7:15pm but with youths racing at 6:30pm, sign-on will likely open around 6pm. There is NO special dispensation for the women's race (nor is there for the E/1/2 or 3/4 races).

As well, any women's race with fewer than 10 riders will see those riders race amongst the men's cat 3/4 race, though there will be separate placings for the women. This rule has actually been in effect all along, but recent years have seen it more relaxed with smaller women's fields racing in their own race. However with the added "health and safety" pressure of the new rider limit and difficulties running three races on the circuit at once, if there's a small women's field they will race with the men.

Just a reminder that tomorrow, May 10th is Round 3 of the LWCR league at Crystal Palace, so we encourage all ladies planning to race to get there early and in abundance.

South East Road Race Championships

So far a sluggish pre-entry for this league race on May 21st, possibly caused in part by the British Cycling page which wrongly lists this race as for SE license holders only. In fact, this race is open to ALL RIDERS from ALL REGIONS, though only SE riders can contest the SE Champs of course.

Last year we had a great turn-out for this race, and as it's one of only two open road races for women in the London area this year, it would be great to see that repeated. For everyone toiling away at the closed circuits of Hog Hill, Hillingdon, Goodwood and Crystal Palace, this is your chance to race a local-level (non-National, non-Team Series) open road race. Make the most of it and please support it!

Pre-entry details here.

Goodwood 3rds/4ths Race Results

It was a healthy turn-out for the Surrey League Goodwood race promoted by Dulwich Paragon on Sunday. For lower category riders only, this race served to determine the LWCR 3rd cat and 4th cat champions. Congrats to Dyanne Holland of Inverse/Cyclaim RT for winning the race (and the 3rd cat crown) and to Kate Hewett from MuleBar Girls for a 4th place showing and 4th cat champ. The podium was rounded out by Delia Beddis of Dulwich Paragon in second place and Kimberly English of Welwyn Wheelers in third. The coveted Lanterne Rouge was won by Gem Atkinson of Rapha CC.

A well-contested sprint finish from all.

Full results:
1 Dyanne Holland Inverse/Cyclaim RT* 3W
2 Delia Beddis Dulwich Paragon CC* 3W
3 Kimberly English Welwyn Wheelers* YA
4 Kate Hewett MuleBar Girls* 4W
5 Karla Boddy High Wycombe CC* 3W
6 Collyn Ahart London Dynamo* 4W
7 Jessica Mitchell London Dynamo* 4W
8 Geraldine Glowinski VC de Londres 3VW
9 Alison Brashier North Hants RC 4VW
10 Francesca Lee Edwardes Elite Cycling* 4W
11 Coralie Glaunes VC Elan* 4W
12 Sarah Walsh London Phoenix* 4W
13 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon CC* 4W
14 Romana Richards Kingston Wheelers* 4W
15 Rebecca Booth Southdown Velo 4W
16 Frith Roche Southdown Velo 4W
17 Gem Atkinson Rapha CC* 4W

(* denotes LWCR league riders)

Surrey League owner and former pro racer Keith Butler awards Dyanne Holland with 1st prize.

The podium left to right: Kimberly English (3rd), Dyanne Holland (1st), and Delia Beddis (2nd)

Many thanks to Pauline English for the photos.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Quick Word on Goodwood, 8th May

We are just two rounds into the London Women's League and we have already seen some pretty exciting racing.

The next race in the series will be held on 8th May at Goodwood.

Although the results do not count towards the rankings there is still everything to play for, not least for new riders.

The race, which is a Surrey League event is open to 3rd and 4th category women riders.

British Cycling and Surrey League points will be up for grabs in the usual way.

In addition, an LWCR 3rd CATEGORY and 4th CATEGORY CHAMPION will be designated at this race. The top LWCR affiliated 3rd category rider and the top LWCR affiliated 4th category rider will each receive a trophy.

To be eligible for the trophy you will be a 3rd or 4th category rider who is affiliated to the LWCR league and who has NOT PREVIOUSLY BEEN A 2ND, 1ST OR ELITE CATEGORY ROAD RACER.

Trophies will be presented to the winners at a presentation after the day of event.

There will also be cash prizes to the top 3 overall finishers, a lap prime and a lanterne rouge prize.

So, there is something in it for new riders.
Why not come to Goodwood and take your chances!

Sunday 8th May
9.31am (3W/4W) - 30miles
Goodwood, nr Chichester PO18 0PX

Friday, 22 April 2011

Round 2 results are up!

League standings can be found here after Round 2, the Team Quest/BC West Thames race held at Hillingdon on April 20.

18 riders started and finished the short, fast-paced race, with Lydia Boylan of Look Mum No Hands RT! (above) winning the sprint easily. London Cycle Sport's write-up can be found here.

1 12 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands RT * 45 min
2 15 Jayne Paine Willesden CC s.t.
3 1 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands RT * s.t.
4 16 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers * s.t.
5 2 Tessa Pugh London Dynamo * s.t.
6 10 Monica da Polenza AW Cycles * s.t.
7 9 Elise Sherwell Look Mum No Hands RT * s.t.
8 17 Stephanie May Team Quest s.t.
9 5 Vicki Filsell Pearson CC * s.t.
10 13 Nicola Hamilton Look Mum No Hands RT * s.t.
11 6 Nicole Oh Pearson CC * s.t.
12 18 Lauren Whitmore London Dynamo * s.t.
13 11 Tracy Corbett London Dynamo * s.t.
14 8 Wiesia Kuczaj Team Mule Bar Girls * s.t.
15 14 Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers * @ 2 min
16 4 Michelle Erskine Team Welwyn s.t.
17 7 Coralie Glaunes VC Elan * @1 lap
18 3 Romana Richards Kingston Wheelers * s.t.
* denotes LWCR members

Rider of the day was Emily Bagnall, who got a bag of coffee beans from our sponsor Bean About Town. Lydia Boylan won the prime lap. Anna Grundy retains her league leader status.

Next race is the Surrey League Goodwood 3rd and 4th cat circuit race (a non-counting race for league purposes) on May 3.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Round 1 results are up!

League standings can be found here after Round 1, the ELV Spring Rumble held at Hog Hill on April 9.

A field of 29 riders finished the race with the results as follows:

1 24 Amy Roberts Cardiff Ajax 2
2 113 Emma Grant Rapha Condor 2
3 30 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands 1 *
4 115 Clare Leavor Team Zappi's 3
5 112 Lauren Creamer Abergavenny RC 2
6 27 Jayne Paine Willesden 1 Prime
7 26 Elise Sherwell Look Mum No Hands 2 *
8 16 Louise Moriarty Look Mum No Hands 4 *
9 25 Jo McRae Look Mum No Hands 3 *
10 109 Nicola Hamilton Look Mum No Hands 4 *
11 110 Charlotte Easton Look Mum No Hands 1 *
12 111 Pan Pan Fan Look Mum No Hands 3 *
13 29 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands 2 *
14 108 Catherine Hills Wyndymilla 4
15 22 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers 2 *
16 21 Lisa Gunn Kingston Wheelers 4 *
17 102 Karla Boddy High Wycombe *
18 107 Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre 2
19 34 Tracy Corbett London Dynamo *
20 118 Louise Bellingham London Dynamo 4 *
21 18 Vikki Filsell Pearsons CC 3 *
22 119 Nicole Om Pearsons CC 4 *
23 106 Charmaine Brown Pearsons CC 4 *
24 117 Tabitha Rendall Team Larkfield Cycles 4
25 114 Claire Allen Interbike 4
26 120 Nikki Engelbach Pearsons CC 4 *
27 105 Coralie Gladnes VC Elan 4
28 23 Romana Richards Kingston Wheelers 4 *
29 28 Racheal Stedman Uni of Birmingham CC 4

* London League Affiliated Riders

Anna Grundy of Look Mum Ho Hands! RT takes the leader's jersey into the next round.

A nice write-up of the race can be found on London Cycle Sport here, with additional pictures here. Thanks to John Mullineaux as always for his great support and Dave Hayward for the photography!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Meet & Greet Rides: Review

Thanks to the input from local cycling clubs we were able to host a number of Meet & Greet rides around the South East.
Rides were held in different areas and took different formats. Some, like Kingston Wheelers, London Phoenix and London Dynamo were stand-alone rides which had exclusively women present, while other rides were held as part of the club's regular clubrun, as was the case with the Addiscombe CC ride. The Pearsons CC Meet & Greet event was not a ride but a training session in Richmond Park.

The rides were of varying sizes, with some rides being small manageble groups, while other rides were larger and split into sub-groups. Routes were went to a variety of interesting places in Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Berkshire.
Whatever form the rides took, everyone enjoyed themselves and the goodies provided by our sponsors, MuleBar and Motion Junkies/Reflect Sports/Hoo Ha Ride Glide were well received!
There were a number of women who were new to group riding and have since decided to join one of the hosting clubs too. So all in all, people got something out of the rides and we hope to build on these in the future, with more Meet & Greet events.

We are grateful to the following clubs that hosted rides: Addiscombe CC, Dulwich Paragon, Kingston Wheelers, London Dynamo, London Phoenix, Pearson CC, Twickenham CC and South Western Road Club who have offered to host a ride later in the year.
We would also like to thank MuleBar and Motion Junkies/Hoo Ha Ride Glide for sponsoring the rides.

And now for some racing!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Meet & Greet Rides: The Story so far...

We are roughly halfway through our series of Meet & Greet rides. Thanks to the support of the local clubs, and sponsors Mulebar, the rides have proven popular. Judging by the comments, these outings have gone down well with London women cyclists.

Solveig Findley, Twickenham CC
“I went on the London Dynamo Meet & Greet ride and found it good fun. They were a really nice pace to ride and chat, and to meet new people - very informal. More of the same I say!”

Barbie Chan, Serpentine Running Club
“My focus has always been on running but since I’ve committed to entering a few triathlons in the Summer, bike training has become necessary. I've always cycled for fun and would consider cycling as 'easy'. However, after being out on group rides several times and being badly defeated by the Chilterns Hills, I realised I was super un-bike fit and figured I needed to work on my confidence and bike handling skills. Joining a relaxed, non-competitive, but nonetheless experienced riding group seemed the way to go, and the women's ride fit the bill perfectly!

I joined Kingston Wheelers for a 4-hr ride to Surrey about a month ago and had enjoyed it. Everyone from the group was friendly and supportive. They were extremely generous with what they know about cycling and I felt completely at ease riding with them despite being the least experienced and slowest rider in the group. I'd be interested in joining more club rides and if able, club racing in the near future to keep my motivation high. Thank you!”

Caroline Oates
“I had a great time on the Dulwich Paragon ride. I had previously done a reasonable amount of cycling - initially triathlons and quite a few cyclosportives last year, but never with a club. The mix of levels was ideal as it meant you could pick the pace that suited, and I was relieved that no-one was left behind. Everyone was really friendly and very welcoming and I’ve already been back to join the Dulwich Paragon Saturday Club rides on a couple of occasions and will be joining the club.”

Nicole Oh, Pearson CC
“I enjoyed both the Meet & Greet rides I went on very much (Dulwich Paragon and London Dynamo). The pace has been good - sociable enough to be able to have a good chat to the other girls, but if you wanted a harder workout you could just push it up the hills or ride up the front. It’s definitely suitable for beginners and those who don't belong to a club, as there are plenty of club members trying to recruit riders to their own! Also it’s good to meet some other novice racers who share the same trepidations as you do, ie the bottom corner on the Crystal Palace circuit! And finally, whilst I do like the boys, it's sometimes nice to get out on bikes without any of them!”

Meet and Greet rides are open to sporty women of all profiles – from keen cyclists to rowers and triathletes with or without a club.

Come and join other women cyclists on the rides hosted by clubs in different parts of London and the South East, where you can find out more about women’s cycling from experienced club cyclists.

Ride Schedule

Sunday 6th March - Hertfordshire ride with London Phoenix
- meet at train stations in Potters Bar (9.15am) or Hertford North (10am) [regular service to/from Kings X]
- Potters Bar loop = 50miles; Hertford North loop = 31miles; pace is 14mph
- cafe stop just over half way through ride at Emily's Tea Shop, Whitwell
- terrain is undulating to hilly

Latest: Trains will not be stopping at Potters Bar. Trains will still be going to Hertford North. Those planning on meeting at Potters Bar should get there by alternative means of transport rather than by train.

Saturday 12th March - Surrey ride with Addiscombe CC
- meet at Coulsdon South train station at 9am [regular service to/from London Bridge]
- depart at 9.15am for a 35 mile ride through the Surrey lanes, returning to Croydon
- cafe stop at Charlwood Pineshop Cafe and additional (optional) stop at Nonna Rosa's Cafe, Coulsdon
- terrain is flat/gently undulating - pace is 14mph

Sunday 20th March - Richmond Park training ride with Pearson CC
- meet at 8.15am for an 8.30am start at Pavilion Cafe, Priory Lane, Richmond Park just inside Roehampton Gate
- it will be a basic racing skills session for girls who are new to racing or just want to practice their racing skills (more detailed info to come)
- the session will consist of laps of Richmond Park (undulating 7-mile loops) and will last 1.5hrs, followed by coffee stop at the cafe.

Sunday 27th March - Surrey Ride with Twickenham CC
- meet at 9.15am at the Twickenham CC clubhouse, All Hallows Church Hall, Erncroft Way, Twickenham
- depart at 9.30 for ride towards Windlesham, Surrey
- tea stop at Fairoaks Airport
- total distance, 40miles - terrain flat/gently undulating,
- groups according to ability/pace

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Women's Beginner Race this Weekend!

If you want to get a taster of what road racing is like, there will be a women's beginner's race this Saturday at Longcross Test Track, near Chertsey.

The venue is a 1.7mile traffic-free circuit in this leafy part of Surrey. This venue was very popular for racing a few years ago until it was closed to cycle racing. This Saturday will be a one-off opportunity to race around it.

The race is open to Category 3, 4 and beginner women racers. Start time is 9.31 and race is around 30 miles. Enter in advance or on the day. Details on the British Cycling Calendar

There will be experienced London Dynamo racers chaperoning riders around the course during the race.

If on public transport you can get a train to Virginia Water and ride from there.
Alternatively, a group of London Dynamo riders will be leaving Richmond Park (Kingston Gate) at 8.15am to ride to the venue.

And there'll be lots of cake afterwards!

[Note: London Dynamo will also be hosting the Meet & Greet ride to Windsor the following day.]

Monday, 24 January 2011

Open Day Meet & Greet Rides

New for 2011 is a series of women's Open Day Meet and Greet rides. Sponsored by Mulebar, they will take place on weekends in the run-up to the league debut on 9th April.

Come and join other women club cyclists on social group rides in different parts of London. The rides will be hosted by different clubs where you can find out more about women's cycling in London and meet like-minded buddies.

You could be a keen cyclist without a club, a club cyclist wanting to guest ride on an all-female club run, a triathlete, a rower or just a curious sporty soul. Come along with your road bike and join us!

Ride Schedule

Sunday 30th January - Surrey ride with Kingston Wheelers
- meet at Laithwaite's parking lot 78-80 Portsmouth Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 5PT
- departing 9:15am for 35-40 miles with cafe stop at Boxhill National Trust cafe (alternative flatter route if there is risk of ice in the hills)

Sunday 6th February - Kent ride with Dulwich Paragon
- meet at Cafe St Germain, Crystal Palace Parade, SE19 1UD at 9am (earlier if you want a coffee)
-departing 9:15am for 30 miles through Kent lanes at 14-15mph. Cafe stop after the ride in Crystal Palace (Cafe Paradou).
Terrain is undulating

Sunday 20th February - Windsor ride with London Dynamo
- meet at Richmond Park cafe, Roehampton Gate/Priory Road
- depart for Windsor at 9am via Hampton Court, Chertsey, Virginia Water
- stop at ~11am in Chocolate Hotel Coffee Shop, Windsor (bail out point at Windsor train station!)
- arrive back in Richmond Park ~1pm
- terrain is flat - suitable for beginners

Sunday 6th March - Hertfordshire ride with London Phoenix
- meet at train stations in Potters Bar (9.15am) or Hertford North (10am) [regular service to/from Kings X]
- Potters Bar loop = 50miles; Hertford North loop = 31miles; pace is 14mph
- cafe stop just over half way through ride at Emily's Tea Shop, Whitwell
- terrain is undulating to hilly

Latest: Trains will not be stopping at Potters Bar. Trains will still be going to Hertford North. Those planning on meeting at Potters Bar should get there by alternative means of transport rather than by train.

Saturday 12th March - Surrey ride with Addiscombe CC
- meet at Coulsdon South train station at 9am [regular service to/from London Bridge]
- depart at 9.15am for a 35 mile ride through the Surrey lanes, returning to Croydon
- cafe stop at Charlwood Pineshop Cafe and additional (optional) stop at Nonna Rosa's Cafe, Coulsdon
- terrain is flat/gently undulating - pace is 14mph

Sunday 20th March - Richmond Park training ride with Pearson CC
- meet at 8.15am for an 8.30am start at Pavilion Cafe, Priory Lane, Richmond Park just inside Roehampton Gate
- it will be a basic racing skills session for girls who are new to racing or just want to practice their racing skills
- the session will consist of laps of Richmond Park (undulating 7-mile loops) and will last 1.5hrs, followed by coffee stop at the cafe.
Proposed Skills Session
· warm up lap at very steady pace to make sure that nobody gets dropped
· through and off practice at slow speed
· climbing practice - 2 people at a time practice out of the saddle the whole way, in the saddle, which gear to use, etc.
· sprint lead outs (if there are not too many people around)
· cornering practice
· riding in a group and putting your arm round the person next to you to have a look over your shoulder and not have a wobble
· sign language – arm signals, etc.
· people standing on the side handing out bottles and learning how to hand out bottles and take them from the side

Sunday 27th March - Surrey Ride with Twickenham CC
- meet at 9.15am at the Twickenham CC clubhouse, All Hallows Church Hall, Erncroft Way, Twickenham
- depart at 9.30 for ride towards Windlesham, Surrey
- tea stop at Fairoaks Airport
- total distance, 40miles - terrain flat/gently undulating,
- groups according to ability/pace

Further details of the rides will be posted here and on the websites of the hosting clubs.

To register for a ride or if you have any queries email:

NB: For all the rides, bring at least 2 spare inner tubes, pump, drink, food, helmet and clothing for cold/damp weather conditions, money and mobile phone. Please check your bike is in good working order before coming on the ride.
All riders must follow the Highway Code at all times and not abuse other road users. Every rider is responsible for their own safety and takes part in the cycle rides at their own risk.

Monday, 17 January 2011

2011 Racing Calendar Announced

Following on the success of last year, London Women's Cycle Racing League (LWCR) has announced a second series of races for 2011. Founded in 2010, the League aims to encourage keen female cyclists in the London and South East area to compete in cycle racing.

The League, which is open to all women from beginners to elite riders, emphasises that you don’t need to be Victoria Pendleton to be queen of the track!

New to the League this year is the inclusion of pre-season open club "Meet and Greet Rides" where women cyclists can meet experienced female racers and find out more about women's cycling in London. Details and dates will be announced soon on our site.

Last year’s league winner Maryka Sennema commented:
"Signing up for your first cycle race can seem intimidating, but in truth the race itself is such an exhilarating experience it's well worth the effort. The most nerve-wracking part is lining up at the start with all the other riders -- but once the race begins, all the nerves are forgotten and you're in the thick of it! I'd encourage any women who enjoy road cycling to give it a try, and the London Women’s Cycle Racing League is a great place to start.”

LWCR coordinator, Maria David, said:
“The League came about as a way of encouraging more women to take up cycle racing locally in a friendly environment. This will encourage more women to take up cycling and feeds into British Cycling's plans to get women out on their bikes. As well as competing, it gives female cyclists the opportunity to meet like-minded women. We want racing to be fast and furious, but also fun and sociable!”

Women cyclists can affiliate to the League via their clubs or as individuals.

Here is a list of the 2011 League race dates where you can come and discover your inner Emma Pooley. Check out the calendar page for more details and links to each race.

9th April: East London Velo Spring Rumble, Hog Hill, Hainault

20th April: Team Quest women's series, Hillingdon

8th May: Surrey League/Dulwich Paragon, Goodwood

10th May: Crystal Palace summer evening series

21st May: SE Regional Champs, Loxwood, Sussex

2nd June: Hog Hill summer evening series

11th June: Smithfield Nocturne, London

26th June: London Dynamo Time Trial, Richmond Park

2nd July: Inverse Racing Criterium, Hillingdon

31st July: Surrey League/London Phoenix Road Race, Henfold Hill, Surrey

9th August: Crystal Palace Summer evening series

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy New Year!

After a successful inaugural year of the London Women's Cycle Racing League, we are pleased to announce that we will be running it again in 2011.

Calendar and info on affiliating coming this space!

Happy Cycling!