Wednesday 23 June 2010

One Week, Two Rounds and a Lot of Tired Faces!

It's that time of year when races are coming in thick and fast, and it was as such that the London League had two rounds within a one-week period.


The first one at Crystal Palace saw a very hotly contested race with a blistering pace being set by Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles), Joanne McCrae (VCL) and Corrine Hall (Team Corridori). This immediately led to the bunch splitting into smaller groups.

At the front end of proceedings Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers), Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor) and Leona Kadir (Sigma Sport) also joined in the fray.
Further back in the field mini battles took place between Vikki Filsell (Pearson Cycles), Dyanne Holland (Dulwich Paragon) and Wiesia Kuczaj (Twickenham CC).
Sadly Elise retired from the race with cramp, while more seriously Leona crashed heavily on the hairpin and was taken to hospital with a broken collar bone.

As a result of the crash the circuit was shortened to an up and down stretch on the side of the hill, which made the riding even more energy sapping. Then in the closing stage of the race Corrine made launched a hard attack on the hill and broke away from the front group, to finish victorious over rivals with a 40 second lead.
Maryka and Claire sprinted it out for second, with the league leader managing to edge out the Rapha Condor rider to third place. Joanne rolled in shortly afterwards in fourth place.

(photo by John Mullineaux)


1 2 Corrine Hall Corridori 2
2 12 Maryka Sennema Kingston Whlrs 2 @ 40 secs
3 7 Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor 2
4 4 Jo McCrae VL Londres 2
5 6 Natasha Perry Rapha Condor 3 @ 1. 54 secs
6 8 Emily Bagnall Kingston Whlrs 3 @ 1. 44 secs
7 1 Emily Barnes Rapha Condor YA
8 15 Emma Patterson London Dynamo 2
9 18 Louise Mahe Mule Bar Girls 2
10 13 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Whlrs 4
11 17 Anna Glowinski Team Mule Bar Girls 3
12 10 Wiesia Kuczaj Twickenham CC 3
13 3 Dyanne Holland Dulwich Paragon 4
14 16 Vicki Filsell Pearson Cycles 4
15 9 Lydia Boylan 4


On a pleasant Saturday evening in the City of London the women's race took place as part of the programme of events for the Smithfield Nocturne. Around 30 women took the start of what would be a very fast and furious race. Many of the women were able to put their speed and skill to the test on this twisty short circuit around the old market. Many of the women would have been well primed for this, having raced at Crystal Palace many times.

From the gun the pace was fast and girls were losing the front group even on the first lap. The pace was being kept high care of Nicola Juniper (Ciclos Uno) and Corrine Hall (Team Corridori). Although they managed to shake off a number of riders including league leader Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers)and other strong local riders, they couldn't lose the likes of Louise Mahe (Team Mulebar Girls) or Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor).

Meanwhile mini gruppettos formed around the circuit, including one that contained Maryka Sennenma and Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles) and another that contained Sabine Homrighausen (Kingston Wheelers), Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix) and Vikki Filsell (Pearsons Cycles).

Watching the women's race was a real crowd pleaser and spectators watched in awe as the women flew around the course for more than half an hour. As the race progressed the toughness of the race and the toll it was taking on the racers was clearly evident. Girls just clung on for dear life with either a grimace of pain on their faces or mouths just hanging open as they stared blankly while focusing on chasing the wheel in front.

In the end the race was won by Hannah Barnes (Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta). The highest placed league finisher was Louise Mahe (Team Mulebar Girls) who finished in fourth place.

Maryka Sennema still keeps the league leader's jersey, though a number of contenders are steadily creeping up to take her top spot.

(photos by Dave Hayward)


1 7 Hannah Barnes Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta 3
2 19 Corrine Hall Team Corridori 2
3 21 Nicola Juniper Ciclos Uno 1
4 9 Louise Mahe Team Mule Bar -
5 23 Sarah King Langdale Lightweights RT 2
6 1 Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor Sharp 2
7 5 Natasha Perry Rapha Condor Sharp 3
8 6 Sarah Bryne Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta 3
9 12 Elise Sherwell Pearson Cycles 3
10 24 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers 2
11 25 Hannah Walker GS Surosa 2
12 26 Caroline Harding Finchley RT 2
13 4 Katie Fearnehough Rapha Condor Sharp
14 10 Peta McSherry Wiggle 2
15 22 Rohan Battison Maxgear RT -
16 3 Rachel Przybylski Rapha Condor Sharp 2
17 28 Elizabeth Chittenden Eagle Road Club 2
18 13 Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles 4
19 8 Anna Glowinski Team Mule Bar -
20 30 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers CC 4
21 2 Tracy Corbett Rapha Condor Sharp 3
22 29 Harriet Owen Bicester Millennium CC 2
23 15 Gina Heiss Hackney CC -
24 16 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix C 3
25 11 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles 4

Thursday 17 June 2010

Upcoming women's races

This weekend - Saturday 19th June

This Saturday sees the next round of the League, at the Smithfield Nocturne. If you've signed up, you'll have the exciting experience of riding a fast circuit round central London with cheering crowds to support you! And if you're not riding it yourself, there's a whole afternoon of cycling racing and other activities, so why not go down to watch and support?

Latest news: The organiser has confirmed that he is accepting entries on the day for the Women's Criterium Race. Turn up at least an hour before the event, which starts at 7.30pm.

A (non-league) alternative for less experienced riders this Saturday is Hillingdon. There's a 3rd and 4th cat women's race, and a Go-race event for novice women - if you or someone you know has never raced before, this is a rare opportunity to race with other beginners.

Women's race at Bike Radar Live

The weekend of 10-11 July sees Bike Radar Live taking place at Brands Hatch, packed with all manner of cycling-related activities. During the weekend there's a series of HotChillee Circuit Races, including a women-only race at midday on the Sunday. It's your chance to race on the iconic, 1.9km Brands Hatch circuit.

Entry is £5 in advance, or £10 on the day - though you'll also need a ticket for the Bike Radar Live festival. You'll be eligible for BC points (it's not an LWCR league race though).

Friday 11 June 2010

Victory for Beaumont as Sennema Toughs it Out!

Thursday 1st June. The seventh round of the London Women's League took place at Hog Hill on a warm, sunny Thursday evening. The logistics of getting across London at rush hour to the venue meant that there was a smaller field than at other rounds of the league. Nevertheless, the quality of the racing was in no way compromised.

The group of 12 riders stayed together for most of the race despite digs on the infamous 12% gradient each lap by various women, and breakaway attempts notably by Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix) and Sabine Homrighausen (Kingston Wheelers). It was on the penultimate lap that Claire Beaumont attacked on the Hoggenberg and this shattered the group, though four riders managed to hang onto her coat tales. This select group was eventually fused back together on the bottom section of the circuit, with riders carefully marking one another until the decisive moment.

That time was signalled by an attack from Mathilde Pauls (Pearson Cycles), but she was quickly caught by the fast finishing Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor) who took the win. The podium was completed by Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix).

League leader, Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) who had made the trip to Hog Hill despite feeling under the weather, clung onto the group until the penultimate lap and rolled over the finish line in 7th place, the leader's jersey still firmly on her shoulders. Elise Sherwell's absence from the race led to Sennema increasing her lead, and furthermore the race outcome led to the emergence of a new number 2 in the rankings, Sherwell's Pearson Cycles club-mate, Mathilde Pauls. The order of the top 3 riders could change yet again when Sherwell, Pauls and Sennema all meet at the next round, Crystal Palace on June 15th.

1. Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor
2. Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles
3. Astrid Wingler London Phoenix
4. Naomi Anderson Team Zappi
5. Susan Wood Maldon and District CC
6. Dyanne Holland Dulwich Paragon
7. Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers
8. Helen MacKay London Phoenix
9. Peta McSharry Team Wiggle
10. Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers
11. Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles
12. Maria David Dulwich Paragon

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Road Race Entry News

We are now at the half way point of the league, and with 6 more races to come, there's still everything to race for.

Round 7, Hog Hill Summer Road Race League is on tomorrow at 7.15pm.

The latest train you can get is the 6.27pm from Liverpool Street to get you into Goodmayes in time for the start.
(This might be the only one you can get as officially there are restrictions on the carriage of bikes until 6.30pm on National Expresss trains. Anecdotally people have managed to get on the 6.17pm)

Thursday 3rd June
Start time: 7.17pm
Race distance: 1 hour
Entry Fee: £12

Round 8, Crystal Palace Summer League
Tuesday 15th June
Start time: 7.17pm
Race distance: 21miles
Entry Fee: £10

Please note that on the following week, 22nd June London Women's Cycle Racing are promoting the Crystal Palace race jointly with Southern Counties. We therefore need 10 women to help the organiser, George Slater with marshalling and judging. Please come and help if you are available.

Round 9, Smithfield Nocturne
Saturday 19th June
Start time: 7.30pm
Distance: 30mins + 5 laps
Category: E123
Entry Fee: £20
£400 prize fund

For 4th category and novice riders there is a race in Hillingdon on the same day
Inverse Racing Racing/Bikefood GP
Saturday 19th June
Start time: 1.45pm
Distance: 40 mins
Category 3W 4W
Entry fee: £10 (adv) £12 eol
Women's Novice Go Race
Start time: 1pm
Distance: 30mins
Category: novices/non licence holders
Entry fee: £4 (adv) £5 eol