Wednesday 24 February 2010

What's Goodwood like? rider Lisa Scarlett tells us what it's like to race on the Goodwood circuit

Goodwood is a great place to start road racing and I would recommend it to new racers who want to get a feel for bunch riding. I have raced there as a complete beginner with men and women.

 The course is traffic free which is the first great advantage. It is wide and flat, with sweeping bends and a chicane. The chicane is the only place where the course narrows and this is where you need to think about getting a good position near the front of the group. The lap distance is 2.4 miles (3.8 kilometres) which makes it far less daunting than a long road circuit and there is masses of space for spectators, so family and friends can cheer you on from the Grandstand on every lap. They will get to see lots of you!

The surface at Goodwood is lovely so you don't need to worry about disappearing down a pot hole! It is usually always windy at Goodwood because it’s so open so don’t make the mistake of riding deep rim wheels on your first trip or you may be battling with your bike rather than your competitors.

There are no specific changing facilities at Goodwood but there are ample, roomy ladies loos so there is never a problem.

Monday 22 February 2010

Report - Women's Hillingdon Training Session

Sunday 21st February saw the first of 2 women's road racing training sessions at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. Despite the early morning torrential rain, this did not deter around 20 women from attending the session which was organised by Jon Miles, the Women's Team Series co-ordinator.

Graham "Mac" McNamee, assisted by Jez Cox, Joanna Foster and Ed of Charlotteville amongst others, led the coaching sessions during the day. Steve Wright of Squadra Donne was on hand to provide logistical and mechanical support. The schedule was adjusted given the inclement weather so that women were not standing around getting cold.

The day focused on key aspects of road racing, in particular those of importance to the team series races.
Various skills were practiced:
riding in a large group
filtering up and down through a large group
passing a bottle around in a peloton
putting a hand on a neighbouring rider's shoulder while riding
practicing sprint and attacking
learning not to kick back when riding uphill

The women also took part in mini (handicapped) races.

Riders of all levels were catered for, and the different coaches were on hand to give valuable tips on road racing, both while riding around the track and during the seminar/debriefing session.

The soup, rolls and cakes at the Minet Park visitor centre were very welcome after a morning of training.

The second and final training session will be held at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on February 28th. Contact Jon Miles to reserve your place.

Monday 15 February 2010

Women's Training Session at Hillingdon

After the popularity of last year's training day at Hillingdon the Women's Team Race Series have decided to repeat it for this year - and have increased it to 2 sessions.

These training sessions will be about how to ride in a team, team tactics and your role as a team member.

DATES Sunday 21 and 28 February 2010
TIME Start at 10.00 and expect to finish at 4.00pm
PLACE Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, Hayes
COST £10 per person
Coaching from British Cycling coach, Graham Macnamee ("Mac") and Jon Miles
Refreshments will be available free of charge, which will include soup and rolls.

To book your place on these popular sessions e-mail Jon Miles:

Monday 8 February 2010

About London Women's Cycle Racing

Established by the women’s cycling community, the London Women’s Cycle Racing League is a series of cycle races in London and the South East from March to September 2010.

Wth a growing number of women taking up cycling and becoming more competitive, we identified the need for a league in which London based women can be introduced to racing and develop their racing skills, while getting involved in healthy local competition.

The league will bring together the London-based women cyclists at designated races where battles are won and lost on the circuit, and friendships are made off the circuit.

With prizes on offer at all levels in the London Women’s Cycle Racing League, fourth category and elite racers alike have an incentive to improve their racing.
Read our Press Release
announcing the league

It’s about London girls bonding, competing and having fun on their road bikes!

About the 2010 London Women's League

The league consists of 12 race and time trial events in London and the South East between March and August, with prizes up for grabs for both individuals and teams. You earn league points for yourself and your team each time you ride in any of these events, with your best 7 results over the season counting towards your final score.

We've chosen a selection of events with different characteristics - time trials, circuit races, road races of varying lengths and even a 2-day, 3-stage race - so there's something for everyone. Our prize-giving ceremony at the end of the season will be a night to mark in your calendar!

The league is open to everyone, from novices to elites. If you've never raced before, our opening event at Goodwood will be a good opportunity to cut your teeth, as it's open only to category 3 and 4 racers, and we're here to answer your questions and support you in giving racing a go. For more experienced riders, the league will be an opportunity to test yourself against a field of riders in a variety of disciplines. For everyone, the league is about women having fun on their bikes!

For more details, check out the rules and the calendar of events.