Wednesday 24 February 2010

What's Goodwood like? rider Lisa Scarlett tells us what it's like to race on the Goodwood circuit

Goodwood is a great place to start road racing and I would recommend it to new racers who want to get a feel for bunch riding. I have raced there as a complete beginner with men and women.

 The course is traffic free which is the first great advantage. It is wide and flat, with sweeping bends and a chicane. The chicane is the only place where the course narrows and this is where you need to think about getting a good position near the front of the group. The lap distance is 2.4 miles (3.8 kilometres) which makes it far less daunting than a long road circuit and there is masses of space for spectators, so family and friends can cheer you on from the Grandstand on every lap. They will get to see lots of you!

The surface at Goodwood is lovely so you don't need to worry about disappearing down a pot hole! It is usually always windy at Goodwood because it’s so open so don’t make the mistake of riding deep rim wheels on your first trip or you may be battling with your bike rather than your competitors.

There are no specific changing facilities at Goodwood but there are ample, roomy ladies loos so there is never a problem.