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Can I or my club join if we are not based in London?

Yes you can. The league is open to racers who are based anywhere in the country.

Can I race if I am a novice?
Yes you can. The league includes a selection of events with different characteristics so there's something for everyone. If you've never raced before, our closed circuit events at Cyclopark, Hog Hill, Hillingdon and Crystal Palace will be a great opportunity to cut your teeth, as they are open to 4th category racers.  Please note that most open road races can only be ridden by 3rd category riders and above. However, two of the open road races in the 2013 league calendar are open to 4th cats. 

Must I do all the races?
No. There are 12 races in the league, but your ranking will be based on your best 7 results. You may therefore prefer to just do 7 races in order to contest the top rankings. Obviously, doing more than 7 races allows you the opportunity to improve your results. Only riders who have completed 7 races will qualify for the top 20 prizes at the end of the season. Other prizes will not be dependent on number of races ridden. Even if you don’t do 7 races, the points you earn will go towards your club’s ranking.

Do I have to be in a club or team?
No. The league is open to BC private members, as well as women who may be the only female racer in their club.  If your club is not affiliated you can join the league as an individual.

How will I be ranked? Your ranking will be based on your finishing position in a race compared with other League riders. For example, the highest placed league rider will earn 40 points, while the 20th placed league rider will earn 8 points. Those who place 27th and beyond will earn one point. Your ranking will be based on the sum of the points that you earn in your best 7 races.

For more details check out the rules.  

Will I get points even if I am the last finisher?
Yes. All league racers will be awarded points. The number of points awarded will depend on where you finish in the race. 

Will a race be counted if I start but don't finish?
Yes. You will be awarded 0 points and will be able to count it towards a top 20 placing. 

How will I know how well I am doing in the league?
The rankings will be updated after each race. You can track your position by regularly looking at the London Women’s Cycle Racing website, where the latest rankings will be up and you can find out how you are doing.

At the end of each round, the leader's jersey will be presented - this will be photographed and reported in the cycling media, so giving the rider and their club good publicity.

Why should I join the London Women’s Cycle Racing League?
This is a great way to get involved in women’s racing at local level and develop your racing in a friendly environment, as well as helping to raise the profile of women's racing.  Riders get the chance to race against their peers on a regular basis, and the rankings table will foster healthy competition and give riders something to aim for.

How do I join the London Women’s Cycle Racing League?
You can take part in the league either through club affiliation or individual membership. If your club affiliates to the league then all women racers in the club will automatically have membership to the league.  Individual members can join here or download a form and send your completed form and payment to the league co-ordinator.

I'm new to racing - how do I get started?

What licenses do I need to race?  
Our league includes events run under both British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials rules, so you'll need the appropriate licenses.

  • You'll need British Cycling Silver or Gold membership plus their race license.  For some events you can also participate on a day license, if you don't want to pay the full license fee just yet.  Check with the event organiser if that's the case. 
  • For open time trial events you'll need to be a member of a club that has affiliated to the CTT. (note:  our sole TT event in 2013 is not an open event so CTT affiliation is not required)