Monday, 4 October 2010

London Women's League Prize Giving

Resounding Success in its Inaugural Year

London, 1st October 2010. The London Women’s Cycle Racing League prize giving was hosted by Look Mum No Hands Café, the main sponsor of the series, on Thursday 30th September.
Various prizes were awarded to riders who had shown outstanding performances during the inaugural year of the 12-race series. The riders took the racing very seriously and enjoyed the regular competition on local road racing circuits. “It was good to be able to race against 39 other riders at Hog Hill, instead of the nine that you usually get,” said league winner, Maryka Sennema of Kingston Wheelers.
“This league has gone some way towards encouraging more women in London to get into racing, and has planted the seed for better things for next year,” said Rene Groot, DS of the winning club, Rapha Condor.

The organisers of the league are thrilled at how successful the league has been. “We are really happy with what the league has achieved, and it has gone beyond our expectations, especially in its first year.” said Maria David of LWCR, in front of a large audience. “We would like to thank all the sponsors, the race organisers and the riders who supported this initiative and made it a success.”
The league saw almost 80 women representing 18 clubs from London and the South East take part in the series, which ran from March to August of this year.

Individual Awards

1st Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers)
2nd Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles)
3rd Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor)
4th Mathilde Pauls (Pearson Cycles)
5th Sabine Homrighausen (Kingston Wheelers)
6th Natasha Perry (Rapha Condor)
7th Emily Bagnall (Kingston Wheelers)
8th Vikki Filsell (Pearson Cycles)
9th Rachel Przybylski (Rapha Condor)
10th Natalie Cresswick (Twickenham CC)
11th Dyanne Holland (Dulwich Paragon)
12th Hannah Bowers (Mule Bar Girls)
13th Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix)
14th Emma Patterson (London Dynamo)
15th Anna Grundy (East London Velo)
16th Helen McKay (London Phoenix)
17th Louise Mahe (Mule Bar Girls)
18th Rebecca Curley (Rapha Condor)
19th Emma Grant (Rapha Condor)
20th Lauren Whitmore (London Dynamo)

Most Improved Rider – Lydia Boylan (London Dynamo)
Best New Rider – Helen McKay (London Phoenix)
Rider Showing the Most Commitment – Vikki Filsell (Pearson Cycles)
Combattivity Prize – Emily Bagnall (Kingston Wheelers)
Lanterne Rouge – Leila Smith (Dulwich Paragon)
Club with the Highest number of participants – London Dynamo

Club Awards

1st Rapha Condor - Emily Barnes, Tracy Corbett, Katie Fearnehough, Emma Grant, Rebecca Curley, Rachel Przybylski, Natasha Perry, Claire Beaumont.

2nd Pearson Cycles – Bernie O’Donovan, Helen Keaton, Melissa Brand, Louise Fellingham, Charlotte Blackman, Katherine Holloway, Charmaine Brown, Vikki Filsell, Mathilde Pauls, Elise Sherwell.

3rd Kingston Wheelers - Hilary Hillhouse, Lise Sorenson, Emily Bagnall, Sabine Homrighausen, Maryka Sennema.

4th London Dynamo - Emily-Ann Bowden, Tessa Pugh, Kylie Lindsay, Antonia de Barton-Watson, Ruth Clifton, Rebecca Lodge, Rachel Armitage, Lydia Boylan, Jessica Mitchell, Rebecca Slack, Lauren Whitmore, Emma Patterson.

5th Dulwich Paragon - (Leila Smith, Karen Price, Rachel Brookes, Kate Butler, Delia Beddis, Claire Summers, Charlotte Roberge, Maria David, Dyanne Holland.

The following people and organisations were warmly thanked for making it all possible:
All the local clubs, Glyn Durrant at Surrey League, Mark Doel (British Cycling) All the race organisers: Lesley Everest, Graham Galvin (Hog Hill), George Slater (Crystal Palace), Stuart Benstead and Gino Howe (National Series events), Jen and Simon Mitchell at Kingston Phoenix (SE Champs), James Pope (Smithfield Nocturne) Tamar Collis at Addiscombe CC, Rebecca Slack at London Dynamo (time trials) and John Mullineaux (LondonCycleSport/Cross-Crazy)
Look Mum No Hands, Stability, Cycle Surgery, Bean About Town, Jim Walker, Condor Cycles, Mule Bar, De Ver Cycles, AnaNichoola

(photos courtesy of Dave Hayward)

Friday, 27 August 2010

LWCR League Prize Giving

With all the rounds of the London Women’s Cycle Racing league finished, and the final rankings decided, we now have to say good bye to the women’s league for 2010.

So, what better way can we do this by putting on our glad rags and stepping out in style for a post-season bash and award ceremony.

This will be a night to give recognition to all who have taken part in the league. Prizes will be awarded not just to the winners, but also to the brave, the bold, and those who did their bit for women’s racing in London.

The LWCR Prize Giving will be on the evening of Thursday 30th September at Look Mum No Hands café, 49 Old Street London EC1V 9HX.

All will be welcome, so make it a date and join us!

Racing Summary

Round 10 - Hog Hill Summer Evening Series, 1st July

On a warm summer evening an intimate peloton of women lined up to stake their claim for the crown at Redbridge Cycle Centre.
The group stayed together for most of the race until Fiona Strouts (Fit For) and Naomi Anderson (Team Zappi) upped the pace significantly. A number of women battled to cling on, all with varying degrees of success. The race was eventually determined by a sprint finish between the Team Zappi rider, Anna Grundy who was racing on her home turf for East London Velo, and Dyanne Holland of Dulwich Paragon. After an examination of the photo finish between Grundy and Holland the crown was awarded to the home rider. Although the race lacked numbers this was more than compensated for by a thrilling finish.

We are grateful to Leslie Everest and East London Velo for hosting this round.

Position Number Name Club CAT
1 Anna Grundy East London Velo 1W 15laps
2 Dyanne Holland Dulwich Paragon CC 4 56:26:00
3 Naomi Anderson Team Zappi's 2
4 Fiona Strouts Fit For 3
5 Vikki Filsell Pearsons Cycles 4
6 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Whls CC 4
7 Wiesia Luczaj Twickenham CC 3
DNF Maria David Dulwich Paragon CC 3

Round 11 - Essex Giro, 31st July/1st August

This round, kindly hosted by Gino Howe and his team of helpers, was also a round of the British Cycling National Series, so a quality field of national level riders was promised as well as a high standard of racing. Over the two days the women raced at the Redbridge Cycle Circuit (a 4km time trial followed by a 40km circuit race) and on the country roads around Saffron Walden (60 mile road race).

There were a number of strong performances put in by the league riders, notably from Natalie Cresswick (Twickenham CC), Emma Grant and Natasha Perry (Rapha Condor), and the ever present Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers).

The overall GC was won by Max Gear RT's Anna Fischer, while Grant, Cresswick and Sennema finished in the top 5.

As this round carried double the points tally of other rounds there were likely to be changes in the rankings.

Final General Classification
Pos No Name Club St 1 time St 2 time St 3 time Total time Gap
1 ANNA FISCHER MAXGEAR RT 0:09:30 1:03:17 2:46:20 3:59:07 @ 0:00
2 KARA CHESWORTH DYSYNNI CC 0:09:08 1:03:25 2:46:35 3:59:08 @ 0:01
3 EMMA GRANT RAPHA CONDOR CC 0:09:24 1:02:57 2:46:50 3:59:11 @ 0:04
4 NATALIE CRESWICK TWICKENHAM CC 0:09:22 1:03:25 2:46:57 3:59:44 @ 0:37
5 MARYKA SENNEMA KINGSTON WHEELERS 0:09:33 1:03:15 2:47:00 3:59:48 @ 0:41
6 CORRINE HALL TEAM CORRIDORI 0:09:25 1:03:27 2:47:05 3:59:57 @ 0:50
7 ALLI HOLLAND MAXGEAR RT 0:09:49 1:03:11 2:47:00 4:00:00 @ 0:53
8 NICOLA JUNIPER CICLOS UNO 0:09:36 1:03:27 2:47:05 4:00:08 @ 1:01
9 MATHILDE MATTHYSSE FERRYHILL WHEELERS/MOUNTAIN HIGH 0:09:42 1:03:27 2:47:00 4:00:09 @ 1:02
10 REBECCA CURLEY RAPHA CONDOR CC 0:09:40 1:03:27 2:47:05 4:00:12 @ 1:05
11 TAMINA OLIVER PRIVATE MEMBER 0:09:42 1:03:27 2:47:05 4:00:14 @ 1:07
12 JANE BARR STIRLING BC 0:09:54 1:03:27 2:47:00 4:00:21 @ 1:14
13 ANGARAHAD MASON RAPHA CONDOR CC 0:09:42 1:03:27 2:47:18 4:00:27 @ 1:20
14 LOWRI BUNN ABERGAVENNY RC 0:10:00 1:03:27 2:47:00 4:00:27 @ 1:20
15 RUBY MILLER FORZA CYCLES 0:10:10 1:03:21 2:46:58 4:00:29 @ 1:22
16 SARAH BYRNE MOTORPOINT / MARSHALLS PASTA 0:10:04 1:03:27 2:47:00 4:00:31 @ 1:24
17 ANNA GRUNDY EAST LONDON VELO 0:10:09 1:03:27 2:47:05 4:00:41 @ 1:34
18 NATASHA PERRY RAPHA CONDOR CC 0:10:02 1:03:27 2:47:18 4:00:47 @ 1:40
19 ROHAN BATTISON MAXGEAR RT 0:10:17 1:03:27 2:47:08 4:00:52 @ 1:45
20 IONA SEWELL SQUADRA DONNE 0:10:24 1:03:27 2:47:40 4:01:31 @ 2:24
21 KATE SCOTTER VC NORWICH 0:10:26 1:03:27 2:47:45 4:01:38 @ 2:31
22 HANNAH BOWERS MULE BAR GIRL 0:10:28 1:03:43 2:47:45 4:01:56 @ 2:49
23 GINA HEISS CYCLE CLUB HACKNEY 0:10:10 1:06:46 2:47:30 4:04:26 @ 5:19
24 LAURA MURRAY DEESIDE THISTLE CC 0:10:29 1:06:48 2:48:00 4:05:17 @ 6:10
25 NAOMI ANDERSON TEAM ZAPPI 0:10:32 1:07:42 2:47:05 4:05:19 @ 6:12
26 RACHEL PRZYBYLSKI RAPHA CONDOR CC 0:10:39 1:03:27 2:57:00 4:11:06 @ 11:59
27 STEPHANIA MAGRI SQUADRA DONNE 0:10:52 1:03:27 2:57:00 4:11:19 @ 12:12
28 SARAH KING LANGDALE LIGHTWEIGHTS RT 0:09:31 1:03:27 3:00:30 4:13:28 @ 14:21
29 JEANETTE CALDICOTT MAXGEAR RT 0:10:13 1:06:46 3:00:30 4:17:29 @ 18:22
30 HELEN McKAY LONDON PHOENIX 0:10:13 1:06:48 3:00:30 4:17:31 @ 18:24
31 SABINE HOMRIGHAUSEN KINGSTON WHEELERS 0:10:08 1:07:30 3:00:30 4:18:08 @ 19:01
32 HANNAH SHENTON PAUL MILNES 0:10:23 1:03:27 3:10:30 4:24:20 @ 25:13
33 SARAH MAIDMENT SQUADRA DONNE 0:11:05 1:13:06 3:00:30 4:24:41 @ 25:34
34 CLAIRE BEAUMONT RAPHA CONDOR CC 0:10:11 1:03:27 3:15:00 4:28:38 @ 29:31
35 KATIE FERNEHOUGH RAPHA CONDOR CC 0:10:11 1:03:27 3:15:00 4:28:38 @ 29:31
36 LOUISE MAHE MULE BAR GIRL 0:10:15 1:06:56 3:12:00 4:29:11 @ 30:04
37 VIKKI FILSELL PEARSON'S CYCLES 0:10:45 1:10:45 3:12:00 4:33:30 @ 34:23
38 MONICA Da'POLENZA AW CYCLES 0:11:01 1:11:00 3:12:00 4:34:01 @ 34:54
DNF 26 ELISE SHERWELL PEARSON'S CYCLES 0:09:42 1:03:27 5:00:00 6:13:09 @ 14:02
DNF 20 MARRIANNE BRITTEN MAXGEAR RT 0:10:02 1:03:07 5:00:00 6:13:09 @ 14:02
DNF 52 AMY BRADLEY St KILDA CC 0:10:29 1:06:50 5:00:00 6:17:19 @ 18:12
DNF 2 NICOLA MEADOWS AW CYCLES 0:10:13 1:09:58 5:00:00 6:20:11 @ 21:04
DNF 5 AVERIL MILLIGAN CAMBRIDGE CC 0:11:15 5:00:00 5:00:00 10:11:15
DNS 4 GABRIELLA SHAW BANG & OLUFSEN / CHEVIN CYCLES 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 8 LUCY COLDWELL DALBEATTIE HARDROCK CC 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 12 SANDRA MACKAY ESSEX ROADS CC 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 15 JESSICA BOOTH HALESOWEN ATHLETIC and CYCLING CLUB 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 19 LOUISE EDEN MAXGEAR RT 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 30 TRACY CORBETT RAPHA CONDOR CC 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 33 CATHERINE WILLIAMSON RAPHA CONDOR CC 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 38 GAIL ASPDEN SQUADRA DONNE 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 41 CHRISSY RADON TEAM ZAPPI 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 44 JAYNE RENDALL-HANNAN TWICKENHAM CC 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 45 ANGIE THORP VC NORWICH 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00
DNS 47 ELIZABETH CHITTENDEN EAGLE RC 1:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 11:00:00

Round 12 - London Dynamo/Prologue Richmond Park TT Series, 8th August

The final round of the LWCR series saw an impressive 40-strong turnout from the women, many of whom were out to give a final push in the race for the rankings.
By way of levelling the playing field league riders were specifically asked to race in the road bike category.
Despite not having the assistance of aero bars for the fast sections of the course, some racers putt in very creditable performances against their time trial biking counterparts.

Coming into the final round, Maryka Sennema had pretty much sealed her spot as league winner, but this didn't stop her from putting in a blistering time of 27mins 26s on her road bike (a mere 30s slower than Cyclefit's Charlotte Easton who won the time trial category).
The real contest would be for the placings thereafter. Rapha Condor's Claire Beaumont had been in second spot, but as she was fulfilling other racing commitments in the North of England this opened the way for Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles) to jump back into contention. Sherwell managed this with flair by taking second place in the road category. A number of Pearson Cycles riders were out in force at this round and the ladies acquitted themselves very well. However, their challenge didn't quite manage to overcome the force of the Rapha Condor ladies in the team standings. The ladies in black had put in a strong show at the previous round and the double points tally significantly helped them to snatch the team prize crown.

A good morning was had by all, not least by Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) who won the round and Leila Smith (Dulwich Paragon) who was the lanterne rouge. Both women received a prize of a meal for two with wine at Look Mum No Hands Cafe.
This event held in the charming surroundings of Richmond Park was a very befitting place to draw down the curtains on the LWCR league races. Thanks go to Rebecca Slack and London Dynamo for making this an enjoyable event.

Position Name Club Time RP PB Category
1 Charlotte Easton Cyclefit RT 26:51 00:26:12 Lady TT
2 Rachel Turner London Dynamo Prologue 26:52 na Lady TT
3 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers 27:26 00:27:20 Lady Road
4 Sandra Blenkinsop Kingfisher Triathletes 28:00 00:28:55 Lady TT
5 Elise Sherwell Pearson Cycles 28:14 00:27:05 Lady Road
6 Lisa Gunn na 28:22 na Lady TT
7 Helen McKay London Pheonix 28:34 00:29:23 Lady Road
8 Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles 28:42 00:27:52 Lady Road
9 Laura Trimble Kingston Wheelers 28:44 00:28:58 Lady TT
10 Katherine Holloway na 28:52 00:29:34 Lady Road
11 Fiona Strouts Fit-For 29:11 na Lady Road
12 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers 29:25 na Lady Road
13 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers 29:48 na Lady Road
14 Rachel Przybylski Rapha Condor 29:59 00:30:41 Lady Road
15 Naomi Dandridge Lewes Wanderers CC 30:15 na Lady TT
16 Jo Perriam Ful-On Tri 30:25 00:30:24 Lady Road
17 Jess Mitchell London Dynamo Prologue 30:27 00:31:22 Lady Road
18 Charmaine Brown Pearson Cycles 30:32 na Lady Road
19 Ruth Clifton London Dynamo Prologue 30:40 00:29:51 Lady Road
20 Hilary Hillhouse Kingston Wheelers 30:42 na Lady Road
21 Louise Fellingham Pearson Cycles 30:51 na Lady Road
22 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles 30:56 na Lady Road
23 Lisa Scarlett Trisportnews Racing 31:04 00:31:45 Lady TT
24 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon 31:11 na Lady Road
25 Peta McSharry Team Wiggle 31:11 00:29:10 Lady Road
26 Victoria Collins Serpentine Running Club 31:28 na Lady Road
27 Rebecca Lodge London Dynamo Prologue 31:59 na Lady Road
28 Tessa Pugh London Dynamo Prologue 32:01 na Lady Road
29 Maria David Dulwich Paragon 32:10 00:32:53 Lady Road
30 Jan Farmer Serpentine 32:29 00:31:14 Lady TT
31 Lydia Boylan London Dynamo Prologue 32:43 00:30:13 Lady Road
32 Antonia de Barton-Watson Pearson Cycles 32:49 00:32:55 Lady Road
33 Bernie O'Donovan Pearson Cycles 33:13 na Lady Road
34 Emily Ann Bowden London Dynamo Prologue 34:12 na Lady Road
35 Leila Smith Dulwich Paragon 35:33 na Lady Road
36 Ros Young Serpentine 37:17 na Lady TT
Melissa Brand Pearson Cycles DNS na Lady Road

(Top photo by East London Velo. Other photos by John at

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hillingdon races

The final league event results are being tallied up and plans are underway for our prize presentation and season's-end party, but in the meantime there's more racing to be done!

Terry Cronin Ginger Smallwood Crits at Hillingdon
August 30 (bank holiday Monday) at 1:30pm
This is an all-cat's women's race running concurrently with a vet's men's race. A great chance to race the circuit if you haven't tried it yet, not to mention check out the new clubhouse and support the Kenton RC who are promoting this event. See LondonCycleSport for more details. Entry on the day.

Hillingdon London Criterium/Circuit Champs
September 4 (Saturday) at 1:45pm.
This race is to decide the London Crit Championships 2010 but entry is open to anyone and everyone. Note that if you want to be eligible for the championship prizes, you must live in a London borough AND register your interest in advance by contacting the organiser so he can allocate a specific race number to you. All payments will be on the day. Entry on the line also available, but EOLers will not be eligible for championship prizes. See LCS for full details. Note that the women's race will be held separate to the men's now, and will be one hour concurrent with the men's 4th cat race.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Road Race Entry News

Today is Round 10 of the League. We'll be at Hog Hill for a summer evening of racing. Get the train from Liverpool Street and get off at Goodmayes. Women's race kicks off at 7.15pm and lasts an hour. Entry on the day.

Essex Giro - Round 11, Saturday July 31st/Sunday 1st August.
We have a stage race included in the league. Venues for the races will be at Hog Hill and Saffron Walden.

I spoke to Gino Howe, the organiser and the format is as follows:
Saturday morning - individual time trial - 2 laps of the full circuit of Hog Hill
Saturday afternoon - 1 hour circuit race using only the lower section of the Hog Hill circuit. The climb is only used for the finish.
Sunday morning - 100km road race starting from Saffron Walden
You are not racing 176km!

Nearest train station to Hog Hill - Goodmayes, nearest station to Saffron Walden - Audley End. Trains leave London Liverpool Street.

As it's the national series, entries need to be in three weeks before race day. Closing date is July 10th. Get your entries in.

Remember: This race carries double points for the league, so will definitely help your ranking and your club's overall ranking in the league.

London Dynamo Time Trial Series - Round 12, Sunday 8th August (final race).
End the league with a time trial in Richmond Park. These races have a very friendly atmosphere and are well organised. The course is a nice little tester, then you get a complimentary recovery drink and free tea/coffee after your efforts which you can enjoy in the pleasant surroundings of the park. Various levels of rider take part. The time trial on 8th August is open to road bikes only, so as to level the playing field. No aero bars, disc wheels or pointy hats allowed.
Details on how to enter this are here.

Remember: Closing date for the time trial is two weeks before race day. Closing date for this round is July 25th.

Also: Why not do a practice run of the time trial by doing the one they are organising on July 18th. Get your entry in by Sunday July 4th. Places limited - enter early to avoid disappointment!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

One Week, Two Rounds and a Lot of Tired Faces!

It's that time of year when races are coming in thick and fast, and it was as such that the London League had two rounds within a one-week period.


The first one at Crystal Palace saw a very hotly contested race with a blistering pace being set by Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles), Joanne McCrae (VCL) and Corrine Hall (Team Corridori). This immediately led to the bunch splitting into smaller groups.

At the front end of proceedings Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers), Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor) and Leona Kadir (Sigma Sport) also joined in the fray.
Further back in the field mini battles took place between Vikki Filsell (Pearson Cycles), Dyanne Holland (Dulwich Paragon) and Wiesia Kuczaj (Twickenham CC).
Sadly Elise retired from the race with cramp, while more seriously Leona crashed heavily on the hairpin and was taken to hospital with a broken collar bone.

As a result of the crash the circuit was shortened to an up and down stretch on the side of the hill, which made the riding even more energy sapping. Then in the closing stage of the race Corrine made launched a hard attack on the hill and broke away from the front group, to finish victorious over rivals with a 40 second lead.
Maryka and Claire sprinted it out for second, with the league leader managing to edge out the Rapha Condor rider to third place. Joanne rolled in shortly afterwards in fourth place.

(photo by John Mullineaux)


1 2 Corrine Hall Corridori 2
2 12 Maryka Sennema Kingston Whlrs 2 @ 40 secs
3 7 Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor 2
4 4 Jo McCrae VL Londres 2
5 6 Natasha Perry Rapha Condor 3 @ 1. 54 secs
6 8 Emily Bagnall Kingston Whlrs 3 @ 1. 44 secs
7 1 Emily Barnes Rapha Condor YA
8 15 Emma Patterson London Dynamo 2
9 18 Louise Mahe Mule Bar Girls 2
10 13 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Whlrs 4
11 17 Anna Glowinski Team Mule Bar Girls 3
12 10 Wiesia Kuczaj Twickenham CC 3
13 3 Dyanne Holland Dulwich Paragon 4
14 16 Vicki Filsell Pearson Cycles 4
15 9 Lydia Boylan 4


On a pleasant Saturday evening in the City of London the women's race took place as part of the programme of events for the Smithfield Nocturne. Around 30 women took the start of what would be a very fast and furious race. Many of the women were able to put their speed and skill to the test on this twisty short circuit around the old market. Many of the women would have been well primed for this, having raced at Crystal Palace many times.

From the gun the pace was fast and girls were losing the front group even on the first lap. The pace was being kept high care of Nicola Juniper (Ciclos Uno) and Corrine Hall (Team Corridori). Although they managed to shake off a number of riders including league leader Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers)and other strong local riders, they couldn't lose the likes of Louise Mahe (Team Mulebar Girls) or Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor).

Meanwhile mini gruppettos formed around the circuit, including one that contained Maryka Sennenma and Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles) and another that contained Sabine Homrighausen (Kingston Wheelers), Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix) and Vikki Filsell (Pearsons Cycles).

Watching the women's race was a real crowd pleaser and spectators watched in awe as the women flew around the course for more than half an hour. As the race progressed the toughness of the race and the toll it was taking on the racers was clearly evident. Girls just clung on for dear life with either a grimace of pain on their faces or mouths just hanging open as they stared blankly while focusing on chasing the wheel in front.

In the end the race was won by Hannah Barnes (Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta). The highest placed league finisher was Louise Mahe (Team Mulebar Girls) who finished in fourth place.

Maryka Sennema still keeps the league leader's jersey, though a number of contenders are steadily creeping up to take her top spot.

(photos by Dave Hayward)


1 7 Hannah Barnes Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta 3
2 19 Corrine Hall Team Corridori 2
3 21 Nicola Juniper Ciclos Uno 1
4 9 Louise Mahe Team Mule Bar -
5 23 Sarah King Langdale Lightweights RT 2
6 1 Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor Sharp 2
7 5 Natasha Perry Rapha Condor Sharp 3
8 6 Sarah Bryne Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta 3
9 12 Elise Sherwell Pearson Cycles 3
10 24 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers 2
11 25 Hannah Walker GS Surosa 2
12 26 Caroline Harding Finchley RT 2
13 4 Katie Fearnehough Rapha Condor Sharp
14 10 Peta McSherry Wiggle 2
15 22 Rohan Battison Maxgear RT -
16 3 Rachel Przybylski Rapha Condor Sharp 2
17 28 Elizabeth Chittenden Eagle Road Club 2
18 13 Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles 4
19 8 Anna Glowinski Team Mule Bar -
20 30 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers CC 4
21 2 Tracy Corbett Rapha Condor Sharp 3
22 29 Harriet Owen Bicester Millennium CC 2
23 15 Gina Heiss Hackney CC -
24 16 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix C 3
25 11 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles 4

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Upcoming women's races

This weekend - Saturday 19th June

This Saturday sees the next round of the League, at the Smithfield Nocturne. If you've signed up, you'll have the exciting experience of riding a fast circuit round central London with cheering crowds to support you! And if you're not riding it yourself, there's a whole afternoon of cycling racing and other activities, so why not go down to watch and support?

Latest news: The organiser has confirmed that he is accepting entries on the day for the Women's Criterium Race. Turn up at least an hour before the event, which starts at 7.30pm.

A (non-league) alternative for less experienced riders this Saturday is Hillingdon. There's a 3rd and 4th cat women's race, and a Go-race event for novice women - if you or someone you know has never raced before, this is a rare opportunity to race with other beginners.

Women's race at Bike Radar Live

The weekend of 10-11 July sees Bike Radar Live taking place at Brands Hatch, packed with all manner of cycling-related activities. During the weekend there's a series of HotChillee Circuit Races, including a women-only race at midday on the Sunday. It's your chance to race on the iconic, 1.9km Brands Hatch circuit.

Entry is £5 in advance, or £10 on the day - though you'll also need a ticket for the Bike Radar Live festival. You'll be eligible for BC points (it's not an LWCR league race though).

Friday, 11 June 2010

Victory for Beaumont as Sennema Toughs it Out!

Thursday 1st June. The seventh round of the London Women's League took place at Hog Hill on a warm, sunny Thursday evening. The logistics of getting across London at rush hour to the venue meant that there was a smaller field than at other rounds of the league. Nevertheless, the quality of the racing was in no way compromised.

The group of 12 riders stayed together for most of the race despite digs on the infamous 12% gradient each lap by various women, and breakaway attempts notably by Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix) and Sabine Homrighausen (Kingston Wheelers). It was on the penultimate lap that Claire Beaumont attacked on the Hoggenberg and this shattered the group, though four riders managed to hang onto her coat tales. This select group was eventually fused back together on the bottom section of the circuit, with riders carefully marking one another until the decisive moment.

That time was signalled by an attack from Mathilde Pauls (Pearson Cycles), but she was quickly caught by the fast finishing Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor) who took the win. The podium was completed by Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix).

League leader, Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) who had made the trip to Hog Hill despite feeling under the weather, clung onto the group until the penultimate lap and rolled over the finish line in 7th place, the leader's jersey still firmly on her shoulders. Elise Sherwell's absence from the race led to Sennema increasing her lead, and furthermore the race outcome led to the emergence of a new number 2 in the rankings, Sherwell's Pearson Cycles club-mate, Mathilde Pauls. The order of the top 3 riders could change yet again when Sherwell, Pauls and Sennema all meet at the next round, Crystal Palace on June 15th.

1. Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor
2. Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles
3. Astrid Wingler London Phoenix
4. Naomi Anderson Team Zappi
5. Susan Wood Maldon and District CC
6. Dyanne Holland Dulwich Paragon
7. Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers
8. Helen MacKay London Phoenix
9. Peta McSharry Team Wiggle
10. Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers
11. Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles
12. Maria David Dulwich Paragon

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Road Race Entry News

We are now at the half way point of the league, and with 6 more races to come, there's still everything to race for.

Round 7, Hog Hill Summer Road Race League is on tomorrow at 7.15pm.

The latest train you can get is the 6.27pm from Liverpool Street to get you into Goodmayes in time for the start.
(This might be the only one you can get as officially there are restrictions on the carriage of bikes until 6.30pm on National Expresss trains. Anecdotally people have managed to get on the 6.17pm)

Thursday 3rd June
Start time: 7.17pm
Race distance: 1 hour
Entry Fee: £12

Round 8, Crystal Palace Summer League
Tuesday 15th June
Start time: 7.17pm
Race distance: 21miles
Entry Fee: £10

Please note that on the following week, 22nd June London Women's Cycle Racing are promoting the Crystal Palace race jointly with Southern Counties. We therefore need 10 women to help the organiser, George Slater with marshalling and judging. Please come and help if you are available.

Round 9, Smithfield Nocturne
Saturday 19th June
Start time: 7.30pm
Distance: 30mins + 5 laps
Category: E123
Entry Fee: £20
£400 prize fund

For 4th category and novice riders there is a race in Hillingdon on the same day
Inverse Racing Racing/Bikefood GP
Saturday 19th June
Start time: 1.45pm
Distance: 40 mins
Category 3W 4W
Entry fee: £10 (adv) £12 eol
Women's Novice Go Race
Start time: 1pm
Distance: 30mins
Category: novices/non licence holders
Entry fee: £4 (adv) £5 eol

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hotting Up at the South East Regional Champs

Saturday 22nd May.
Round 6 of the League was held at the South East Regional Championships in Ellens Green near Horsham. With a number of contenders featuring among the 30-odd riders who took the start line, we were going to be in for a hot race on this warm sunny afternoon.

There were in fact three competitions taking place within the race - the competition to win the race outright, the competition to be the South East Regional Champion. With riders from different regions also taking part, it wouldn't necessarily be the winning rider who would become the SE Champion. Finally, there was the competition to become London women's league leader.

Coming into the race, league leader Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) had a 12 point lead on second placed Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles). The race, which had seen a fierce battle for the finish line, ended with the Pearsons rider finishing in 3rd place, ahead of the former Ironman triathlete. So, while Sherwell succeeded in trimming down Sennema's lead, this wasn't enough for her to reclaim the leader's jersey.

Maryka is therefore still the leader, but holds on by just 6 points. It remains to be seen what will happen at the next round, Hog Hill on 3rd June.
Thanks to Kingston Phoenix and Glyn Durrant at British Cycling South East Region for helping to put on a successful race.

The overall race was won by Lucy Chittenden (East Street Cycles) with Claire Galloway (Team Zappi) finishing second, and Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles) completing the podium.

Lucy Chittenden was also crowned South East Champion. The runner-up was Elise Sherwell, while Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor) completed the podium.

Photos by Glyn Durrant, Surrey League

A Race Report from British Cycling South East:

Thirty five riders lined up under a hot Surrey sun for the 2010 edition of the Women’s South East Road Race championships on Saturday, 22nd May. Roads were quiet and the pace of the race began at a fairly low tempo as riders had been advised of poor road surfaces on some parts of the course. After two laps, the riders were settled in and Emily Bagnall (Kingston Wheelers) started the attacking and was joined by Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor) and Nikki Juniper (Ciclos Uno).

With five laps to go, it was a testament to the good legs in the chasing peloton that the break wasn’t able to escape. Soon after, attacks came thick and fast with a representation from all the main teams including Zappi's, Rapha Condor, Kingston Wheelers and Pearsons. Nikki Juniper (Ciclos Uno) was one of the main drivers of the race along with Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) and as they tried to force breaks with other teams as did Rapha Condor.

Assistant Rapha Condor DS James Duguid explained "We had two girls riding today, our other London based riders are recovering from injury and Katie Fearnhough is away in Belgium. The girls had to work with each other to force breaks but also if they wanted the race to progress, they needed to be alert and bring back breaks. I'm very pleased the way they were prominently placed and kept alert. Women's racing has moved along, I think thanks to some recent great racing at the Cheshire Classic and Horizon Fitness working hard at the Bedford 2 day."

Into the final laps and the flat course profile meant that the split was not going to happen. The riders realised that a bunch sprint would decide the race and the attack subsided. With one lap to go, Clare Galloway of team Zappi stepped up the pace and strung out the rest once more, wearing down riders legs and reducing the group to around 20 riders who would be left to contest the final sprint.

Into the final bend, there was a kick from Team Zappi and Emma Patterson (London Dynamo) as the sprint wound up from quite a way out. The eventual winner of the South East Champs title was Lucy Chittenham with Pearson's Elise Sherwell claiming second over Rapha Condor's Claire Beaumont.

Claire commented after the race "I couldn't have ridden without teammate Rachel. We worked really well together and covered the attacks, kept out of trouble and thanks to her I was able to hold my position in the bunch and for the sprint. To hear about Kristian's win in Japan the morning before the race was great and motivated us to ride hard this afternoon."

1 Lucy Chittenden East St Cycles 3W 1:59:00
2 Clare Galloway Team Zappis
3 Elise Sherwell Pearson Cycles 3W
4 Nicola Juniper Ciclos Uno 1W
5 Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor CC
6 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers CC 2W
7 Alison Stringer Team Zappis
8 Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre CC 2W
9 Caroline Goward Team Scott 3W
10 Leona Kadir Sigma Sport 2W
11 Tamina Oliver Private Member
12 Emma Craddock South Downs Bikes 2W
13 Naomi Anderson Team Zappis
14 Emma Patterson London Dynamo 2W
15 Rachel Przybylski Rapha Condor CC 2W
16 Sarah Maidment Private Member
17 Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles 3W
18 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers CC 4W
19 Kimberley Ashton Caeserean Cycling Club 4W
20 Tamar Vanderhaas Brighton Mitre CC 4W
21 Maria David Dulwich Paragon CC 3W
22 Joanna Le Cocq Velo Sport Jersey 4W
23 Rohan Battison Max Gear RT
24 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles 4W
25 Angie Thorp VC Norwich
26 Alexandra Marzec London Phoenix 3W
27 Liz Rice London Phoenix
28 Claire Vallance Team Zappis
29 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers CC 3W
dnf Hannah Bowers Team Mule Bar Girls 3W
dnf Louise Mahe Team Mule Bar Girls 2W

Thursday, 20 May 2010

New leader for LWCR league!

After Sunday's Hillingdon GP, the new leader in the LWCR league is Maryka Sennema of Kingston Wheelers (pictured here in action).

The race at Hillingdon, the fifth in our calendar, was a resounding success with over two dozen women from the league taking part in a field of 70 or so. A nasty crash in the early laps saw the race stopped while the paramedics looked after a few riders (get well soon Cassie, Claire, and Astrid!)

After a brief break, it was restarted and shortened by several laps to make the time cut-off, and the bunch pretty much stayed together for the rest of the race. A few spirited attacks went off the front, but nothing was allowed to get far away and it came down to a bunch sprint at the finish. The overall race was won by elite rider Dani King, while World Junior Champion track sprinter Becky James took second. Top league rider in the race was Janet Birkmyre of Orbea-For Goodness Shakes.  A special mention goes to Welwyn Wheelers' Laura Trott, the highest place league rider who isn't also a World Champion!

The rankings are now updated. British Cycling has put photos and a race report up, and more photos of the race are on Flickr courtesy of Jim Ley.

1 Danielle King Horizon Fitness
2 Becky James Motorpoint
3 Janet Birkmyre Orbea-For Goodness Shakes
4 Hannah Barnes Motorpoint/Marshalls Pasta/Candi TV
5 Jessica Booth Halesowen A&CC
6 Marianne Britten Max Gear RT
7 Lucy Garner Leicstershire RC
8 Harriet Owen Bicester Millennium CC
9 Hannah Manley Cardiff Jif
10 Hannah Walker GS Surosa
11 Amy Roberts Cardiff Ajax
12 Joanna Rowsell BC Private Member
13 Alex Greenfield Horizon Fitness
14 Ruby Miller Forza Cycles
15 Bernadette Hards Maxgear RT
16 Kara Chesworth Dysynni CC
17 Emily Barnes Palmer Park Velo
18 Emma Grant A W Cycles
19 Jackie Garner Maxgear RT
20 Sarah King Langdale Lightweights RT
21 Corrine Hall Tm Corridori
22 Lauren Creamer Wolverhampton Wh
23 Louise Mahe Tm Mule Bar Girls
24 Lowri Bunn Abergavenny RC
25 Melissa Bury Sportcity Velo
26 Laura Trott Welwyn Wh
27 Hannah Shenton Paul Milnes RT
28 Natalie Hill Hillingdon Slipstreamers
29 Hannah Rich Horizon Fitness
30 Rebecca Curley Rapha Condor
31 Hannah Bowers Tm Mule Bar Girls
32 Cheryl Owens GS Metro
33 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers/Sigma Sport
34 Michelle Dillon Tm Dillon
35 Clara Horne Halesowen A&CC
36 Nicola Juniper Ciclos Uno
37 Jaine Paine Willesden CC
38 Jodie Stimpson Tm Dillon
39 Rachel Przybylski Rapha Condor
40 Natalie Cresswick Twickenham CC
41 Natasha Perry Rapha Condor
42 Leona Kadir Sigma Sport RT
43 Lise Soerensen Kingston Wheelers
44 Caroline Harding Finchley RT
45 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers/Sigma Sport
46 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers/Sigma Sport
47 Emma Patterson London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes
48 Jeanelle Caldicott Max Gear RT
49 Joanna Le Cocq VS Jersey/i-consult/Top Personal
50 Ceri Dipple BC Private Member
51 Nikki Wheeler Team Wiggle
52 Alice Barnes Palmer Park Velo
53 Monica Da Polenza A W Cycles
54 Eleanor Jones Halesowen A&CC
55 Vicki Filsell Pearson Cycles RT
56 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix
57 Rebecca Lodge London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes
58 Jessica Mitchell London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes
59 Donna La Blancq VS Jersey/i-consult/Top Personal
DNF Lydia Boylan London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes
DNF Susan Wood Maldon & Dist.CC
DNF Nicola Meadows AW Cycles
DNF Cassie Gledhill Orbea-For Goodness Shakes
DNF Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor
DNF Dorchie Cockerell Twickenham CC/Evans Cycles
DNF Alexandra Marzec London Phoenix

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Road Race Entry News

A number of women have signed up for Round 5 of the League, the Hillingdon Grand Prix, this coming Sunday. It promises to be an exciting race.
Advance entries for this are now closed, but entries will be accepted on the day
Sunday 16th May
Start time: 12.45pm
Distance: 50km
Entry Fee: £20

If you don't fancy battling it out with the best riders in the country, there are some alternatives this weekend.

The first of the Rapha Condor Hog Hill series will be on Saturday. All women categories welcome.
Saturday 15th May
Start time 2pm
Distance: 60 mins
Entry Fee: £20

Surrey League will have their Category 3, 4 and beginners women-only race at Goodwood.
Sunday 16th May
Start time: 9.30am
Distance: 28 miles
Entry fee: £13 (£18 BC non-licence holders)

Don't forget to get your entry in for:
Round 6, the Women's RR incorporating the SE Champs. It'll be at Ellens Green, nr Horsham a week on Saturday. This will be the only local road race you do for the rest of the season.
Saturday 22nd May
Start time: 12.30pm
Distance: 42 miles
Entry fee: £14 before 20th May (£20 after 20th May or eol)

Round 9, Smithfield Nocturne
You'll have the adulation of all the crowds cheering you outside the pubs!
Saturday 19th June
Start time: 5.45pm
Distance: 30mins + 5 laps
Entry fee: £20

Still taking entries for:

Jersey Town Centre Crits - Sunday 30th May
Velo Sport Jersey, Jersey Tourism and its sponsors Rubis Fuel Supplies (CI) Ltd are holding a town criterium which will include a BC ladies categories; Elite; 1, 2, 3 4 event. The prize fund for the ladies event totals £1,500.00 with £750 of that going to 1st place. Also there are travel subsidies available for Ladies Teams attending the Island from the UK.
Contact Tony Moffa for more details

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Addiscombe 25 - All the fun of time trialling

The league had its first of two time trials at the end of April - the Addiscombe 25 mile Time Trial at Broadbridge Heath, near Horsham (aka G25/53).

Once again we had a record number of women at this race, with 23 starters. Although the rain came down part way through the merry-go-round course with all its roundabouts, this didn't dampen the spirits of the racers and there were still a number of impressive times achieved.

London Dynamo's Rebecca Slack just dipped under the hour, while Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) crossed the finish line just over the hour. Not long afterwards were a number of women who clocked 1 hour 5 minutes, including league leader, Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles).
The great thing about this event is that many women were taking part in their first ever time trial, and judging by their reactions they'll be back again for more.

The other league time trial will be in Richmond Park 8th August. If you can't wait until then, there are many time trials taking place in the region. Check out the Cycling time trials website for more information.


Jo LeCocq, Velo Sport Jersey
Travelling from Jersey to the UK for a race, taking the quickest route possible involves flights, hire cars, hotels, bike boxes and bike building and dismantling. But it's worth it to get on a start line with so many women cyclists. The Addiscombe TT was superbly organised, thank goodness. There were so many marshals who did a fantastic job pointing me in the right direction, as on paper it was quite a confusing course! The hot tea and cake after a cold wet race was just what Kim (Ashton) and I needed before packing up and travelling to the Airport. We had a fantastic time, everyone was so friendly and helpful we can't wait until we can come over for another race.

I have to add I am just loving the London Women's Racing League. This year is the first time I have ever entered women's races, and I find it really different to racing with men. You can do a bit more than just hang on for dear life!

On 30 May my cycling club, Velo Sport Jersey, Jersey Tourism and its sponsors Rubis Fuel Supplies (CI) Ltd are holding a town criterium which will include a BC ladies categories; Elite; 1, 2, 3 4 event. The prize fund for the ladies event totals £1,500.00 with £750 of that going to 1st place. Also there are travel subsidies available for Ladies Teams attending the Island from the UK. Details on

Rachel Brookes-Todoric, Dulwich Paragon
I chose this event because of it's similarity to the cycling part of a triathlon race. The distance and riding alone (no drafting) were completely appropriate for my training this year and a good way to measure my progress. I was a little bit nervous while getting ready in the car park but otherwise settled by the time I got to the start line. I can't say I had any real strategy. Keeping an eye on my computer and monitoring my speed kept me motivated to push a bit harder on the long slow gradients. Despite the pouring rain, the pain in my legs on the gradients and coping psychologically with one more roundabout when I thought I was turning onto the home straight - I did enjoy it. And I would like to take part in another time trial.

Claire Summers, Dulwich Paragon
I did the time trial because I am new to cycling, and this seemed a little less daunting than pack racing. Also as I was doing my first triathlon of the season the week after this was good practice for that. My strategy was to keep a steady cadence and finish comfortably. I enjoyed it and will do more. Maybe I'll study the map in advance next time!

Rebecca Slack, London Dynamo
Lining up at the tail of the 23 strong ladies’ field for the Addiscombe 25 felt really special and being last off I was able to witness the anticipation of the large number of debutantes as they set off on their first “race of truth”.
All week, the weather forecasters had been predicting it would be the hottest day of the year, potentially wreaking havoc for marathoner runners. Meanwhile, I was secretly pleased at the prospect of a warm “float” day - conditions which typically lead to fast times for time triallers. In the event, the rain started as I did, and predictably stopped when I reached the finished!
The inclement weather made for some testing conditions out on the course given the vast number of roundabouts that need to be negotiated at speed and the three dead turns. Compared with other courses I have ridden, it felt hard to get into a rhythm and required much greater concentration than normal because of the poor visibility and large number of road junctions. However with all of the race on a dual carriageway, I knew it was possible to "go under" (a sub hour 25 in TT slang!) and I set my goals on ensuring my average speed was above 25mph throughout the race to achieve that.
As I emptied the tank in the slight up-hill run to the finish, I knew I had achieved my goal and was pleased with my 59:08 ride giving an overall victory in the ladies’ category. However, I can’t help thinking that the real winners were the large number of first timers who achieved PBs in the race. Here’s hoping we see all those riders at another time trial some time soon.


Pos Rider Club Actual Time
1 Rebecca Slack London Dynamo 0:59:08
2 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers CC 1:01:59
3 Becky Glover Addiscombe CC 1:05:26
4= Elise Sherwell Pearson Cycles 1:05:30
4= Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles 1:05:30
6 Charlotte Blackman Pearson Cycles 1:05:49
7 Kimberley Ashton Caesarian Cycling Club 1:05:58
8 Joanne McRae VC Londres 1:07:53
9 Joanna Le Cocq Velo Sport Jersey 1:08:29
10 Sarah Archdeacon De Laune CC 1:08:43
11 Rachel Baker Mid Sussex Tri Club 1:09:47
12 Helen Millier Lewes Wanderers 1:09:55
13 Dyanne Holland Dulwich Paragon CC 1:10:33
14 Jayne Wadsworth De Laune CC 1:10:39
15 Sarah Nisbett Gemini BC 1:11:47
16 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon CC 1:12:13
17 Holly Seear Twickenham CC 1:12:58
18 Lucy Williams Mid Sussex Tri Club 1:15:24
19 Maria David Dulwich Paragon CC 1:17:17
20 Claire Summers Dulwich Paragon CC 1:18:02
21 Rachel Brookes-Todoric Dulwich Paragon CC 1:19:24
22 Maria Balbi Redhill CC 1:33:26

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Crystal Palace: there's always a first time!

As we all know, there's a bit of a learning curve to Palace, but nonetheless it's one of the most exciting and challenging circuits around. Combine that with the friendly atmosphere and sunny weather and there's no better place to spend a Tuesday night. Sorry, Hillingdon!

Emily Bagnall from the Kingston Wheelers enjoyed the league race at Crystal Palace last week, even though it was only her first time racing on the circuit. Sounds like she'll be back for more, and we hope others feel the same! Races go every Tuesday evening at 7:15pm from now until late August, riders of all levels welcome.

Photo courtesy of John Mx of LondonCyleSport

"Enjoyed the race! I started off at the back of the line so had to move up to catch the lead group, the sharp corners mean you have to really sprint the flats and hit the up gradient hard to catch people, but I managed to catch the lead group on the second lap.

I was feeling my efforts at this point, it's a very hard short race and kicks in from the word go, so decided to give everything to stay on the lead bunch. The other riders were also feeling it, everytime we came out of a corner a few would fade from the group a little and it meant double the effort to get back on, then they would grab my back wheel and move in front of me again so it was a bit of a fight to keep on. The last two laps a couple of them fell off the back and just gave up, but I kept my head down and came in just behind the leaders.

Crystal Palace is a really nice place to meet and race, the setting and atmosphere are great, and I really liked the tight corners. No loos or water point though so be prepared. Entry costs £10 cash. I must say it's even a nice setting to cheer others on, sit on the grass and not even race yourself!"

Saturday, 24 April 2010

May races -- enter now!

May is quickly approaching and with it two of the more unique races in our league calendar: the Hillingdon Grand Prix on May 16 and the South East Regional Road Race Championships on May 22. The former is one of the few opportunities to ride a women's-only race on the testosterone-dominated Hillingdon circuit; the latter is one of only two women's open road races held in the London area this season.

Despite the British Cycling calendar proclaiming that EOL (entry on the line, or on the day) is available for both these races, it's often a good idea to enter these events in advance as the organisers like to put together a pre-race programme containing the names of all the riders plus other essential info. And as Stuart Benstead of the Hillingdon GP has so gently reminded us, entering in advance shows our support for the hard-working organisers and encourages them to keep running these events for us.

So with that said, get busy and get entering! Print off a BC road race entry form, fill it out with the relevant information (don't worry about writing down your recent results, just the basic info will do) and get your chequebook ready.

For the Hillingdon GP, make the cheque for £15 payable to BC West Thames Productions and mail it with your entry form to:
Mr Stuart Benstead
1 Brackendale Close

For the South East RR Champs, make the cheque for £14 payable to British Cycling South East Region and mail it with your entry form to:
Mr Simon Mitchell
23 Fulford Road
KT19 9QZ

For a report of last year's Hillingdon GP, check out the BC site. For more information on last year's SE RR Champs, see the South East Cycling site.

Note: This race is open to women racers from all regions and all riders are eligible for BC points, however only South East based riders are eligble for the title of South East Champion. In this race a rider's region is based on where she lives rather than where her club is based.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Crystal Palace results

1 Maryka Sennema Kingston Whlrs 2
2 Claire Beaumont Rapha/Condor 2 @ 1 sec
3 Emma Patterson London Dynamo 2 @ 4 secs
4 Elise Sherwell Pearson Cycles 3 @ 6 secs
5 Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles 3
6 Emily Bagnall Kingston Whlrs 3
7 Tracy Corbett Rapha Condor 3
8 Emily Barnes Palmer Pk Velo Y
9 Lauren Whitmore London Dynamo 4 @ 1.25
10 Anna Glowinski Mule Bar Girls 4 @ 55 secs
11 Dyanne Holland Dulwich Paragon 4
12 Emma Craddock Southdown Bikes -
13 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Whlrs 4
14 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix 3 @ 1 lap
15 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles 4
16 Kate Butler Dulwich Paragon 4
17 Liz Rice London Phoenix 3
18 Lydia Bolan London Dynamo 4
19 Bridget Malarkey Addiscombe CC 4
20 Rebecca Charlton Mulebar Girls 2
DNF Maria David Dulwich Paragon

And there's a write-up of the race on LondonCycleSport with a full gallery of pics too.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Record women's turnout at Crystal Palace

Last night's Crystal Palace races saw 21 women on the start line, and some great racing on the twisty, fun park circuit.

Elise Sherwell won the AnaNichoola prize by retaining her league-leading position after coming in 4th place, in a race which saw a very close sprint finish from the lead women coinciding with the men's 3/4 group crossing the line.

Our picture, courtesy of LondonCycleSport, shows from left-to-right: London Dynamo's Emma Patterson, who came third on the night; race winner Maryka Sennema from Kingston Wheelers; second place Clare Beaumont of Rapha Condor; Lewin Chalkley from league sponsors look mum no hands!; and Pearson's Elise Sherwell in the LWCR leader's jersey.

Full results, updated rankings and a race report to follow soon.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Race Entry News

1. Crystal Palace Circuits - 20th April - LWCR Round 3. You can ride to Crystal Palace Park from the City/West End in around 40-45 mins. The Park is accessed by going part way down Anerley Hill and taking the first left. Crystal Palace train station is also off Anerley Hill, on the edge of the Park. Very handy for getting back home. Services to London Bridge, London Victoria (via Clapham Junction), Croydon, Sutton/Epsom.

2. More racing at Hog Hill - if you enjoyed last week's race there's more on offer!
Tomorrow is the Eagle Road Club Crits - 2.15pm at Hog Hill. Entry on the day only - £12. Hour long race.
Saturday 1st May - ECCA Festival - 12.00pm at Hog Hill. £12 adv/ £15 eol. 32km

3. Smithfield Nocturne - 19th June - LWCR Round 9. Entries for this are now open. This is a great night of racing in the heart of London. All the cycling community come out and watch the packed programme of racing. Lots of people cheering you on from the pubs as well. Anyone who went to this last year will remember what a great time they had, and this year promises to be just as exciting. Sign up here. Preference is given to early entrants. Entry limit of 50 riders.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

What's Palace Like?

Crystal Palace is one of the most well known of the London circuits, and possibly the oldest, with cycle racing having taken place there as far back as 1937. Circuits used in the past were on the full perimeter of the old 2-mile motor racing track.

In the modern era, the cycle circuit covers a 0.8-kilometre loop in the upper section of Crystal Palace Park. Its notorious dead turn known as “willow tree corner”, the sweeping bend at the bottom of the descent, and the drag back up to the finishing straight make this course a real adrenaline ride. Handy hint - on the sweeping bend at the bottom of the descent, look through the bush on the left, rather than down the banking on the right! Every Tuesday, while at work, racers of all levels are filled with a mixture of dread and excitement in the hours running up to the evening blast around the Palace.
After the race, people are buzzing after what will have been the best work-out of the week. In short, Crystal Palace is exciting!

It’s also a great place for spectators. The pleasant parkland surroundings allow people to sit on the grass and picnic while watching the riders whizz round no fewer than 30 times. It’s also a convenient weekly meeting point for the London cycling community.

Dulwich Paragon rider Karen Price, gives her thoughts on racing at Crystal Palace:

"It’s a love-hate relationship that I have with Crystal Palace. When I'm riding well I love that tough small twisting circuit. I love flying into the corners, braking as late as possible and then sprinting out but as it's such a small circuit, there's little time to recover and that hill always finds me out if I'm not as fit as I should be.

The trick with willow tree corner is to brake as late as possible going into
the corner, take the outside line and cut the apex. You'll probably be in
high gear before the corner as its at the end of the flat finishing straight
so remember to change down a couple of gears so that its possible to sprint
out of the corner.

Best of all, the Palace circuit is very close to where I live, and to the Dulwich Woodhouse which serves the best recovery drink of Double Chocolate Stout!"

We are pleased to announce that Ananichoola will be offering a goody bag to the highest placed league rider at the round 3 race at Crystal Palace on April 20th. It will be a well earned prize!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Battle of the Hoggenberg!

Saturday 10th April. On a sunny Saturday afternoon at Hog Hill, around 40 women lined up at the ELV Spring Rumble for round 2 of the LWCR League. This was the first round that included all cat women racers.

Riders from across London and beyond made the trip down to do battle on the Hoggenberg.
The 40-strong field crossed the start-line and stayed together during the opening laps before it split after the prime, which was won by Mathilde Pauls (Pearsons CC).

An aggressive pace set by the front group split the field into two main groups, with a few gruppettos at the tail end of the field having their own mini battles.

With 4 laps to go, Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) and league leader Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles) animated things in the 18-woman leading group when they put the hammer down just before the Hoggenberg.
A number of contenders, including riders from Rapha Condor and MuleBar Girls dropped out of contention at this point, leaving the eventual winner to come from the remaining select group of 9 riders. Among them were strong locals like Twickenham pair, Dorchie Cockerell and Natalie Cresswick, and a London Dynamo pair in the shape of Rachel Armitage and Lauren Whitmore.

As ever, the outcome was decided on the final climb when Sennema launched an attack, but was caught by RAF rider, Jacqui Marshall who won the race, and youth rider Emily Kay (Halesowen) who finished in 2nd.

London Dynamo’s Lauren Whitmore, who was 9th, was the highest placed 4th category racer.

League leader Elise Sherwell finished in 6th place - good enough to go into the next round, at Crystal Palace, wearing the leader's jersey.

Photo Gallery

Reactions: Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers): Coming third is a satisfactory result, as I certainly wouldn't have said going into the race that I was the third strongest rider! We had a great field. With nearly 40 starters, that’s about four times as many as we usually get at Hog Hill! Finally, a "proper" race! I'm just really happy that we got so many riders out for one of our rounds. To me, this is what I thought we should and could accomplish with the LWCR: proper races with proper fields full of riders at all levels. It was so satisfying to line up with 38 other women at the start line, and I really hope we continue to draw such fields to our races for the rest of the season. A new page in local women's cycling!

Graham Galvin (East London Velo), Organiser: We are over the moon at the turnout for the Spring Rumble. I would have been happy if 25 turned out, but to have more than 40 women racing, including the two who rode in the men’s race, is amazing. We always like to support women’s racing and we are really pleased that this has taken off.

What was it like for.......Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix)

The London Women's Cycle League league is a great introduction to newcomers like me to road racing.

Goodwood was my first ever road race, and the wide course was ideal for anyone not used to cycling in a tight bunch. To my own surprise, I really enjoyed the tactical aspects of the race, including the sprint at the end.

As expected, Hog Hill turned out to be technically quite challenging for someone like me with little road riding experience. Having done some cyclocross races over the winter probably helped me when I missed one of the corners during the first lap and, to the amusement of the others, ended up going straight down across the grass to re-join the field at the bottom. Fortunately, I was still riding my cross bike, although I did worry a bit that I would damage the fancy wheels I had borrowed for the race.

The good thing about Hog Hill was that it did not seem to matter too much that I was dropped early on. Even riding on my own, I never got bored on the varied course. Going at my own speed allowed me to explore the downhill section at a slightly more gentle pace, while using the uphill part to make up some of the places I had lost in the first few laps.

I'm now definitely hooked and plan to head to Hog Hill again next weekend, [at the Eagle RC Circuits] with the main aim to stay on the tarmac!

Photo gallery

photos by John Mullineaux


1 Jacqui Marshall RAF CC 3
2 Emily Kay Halesowen A
3 Maryka Sennena Kingson Whlrs 2
4 Natalie Creswick Twickenham CC 2
5 Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles 3
6 Elise Sherwell Pearson Cycles 3
7 Dorchie Cockerell Twickenham CC 2
8 Rachel Armitage London Dynamo 3
9 Lauren Whitmore London Dynamo 4
10 Elizabeth Chittenden Eagle RC 2 @ 25 secs
11 Georgina Schwenning Cambridge Tri A
12 Susan Wood Maldon & Dist 2
13 Natasha Perry Rapha Condor 4
14 Melissa Berry Sport City A
15 Kate Scotter Extreme Sports Therapy 3
16 Delia Beddis Dulwich Paragon 3
17 Hannah Bowers Mule Bar Girls 3
18 Lysandra Sinclaire Inverse RT -
19 Annabel Roots London Phoenix 4
20 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Whlrs 4
21 Karen Price Dulwich Paragon 2
22 Clare Leonard Brighton Mitre 2
23 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix 4
24 Dyanne Holland Dulwich Paragon 4
25 Wiesia Kuczaj Twickenham CC 4
26 Sol Findley Twickenham CC 4
27 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles 4
28 Ansie Thorp VC Norwich 4
29 Nikki Wheeler Team Wiggle 4
30 Louise Croxson London Phoenix 4
31 Charmaine Brown Pearson Cycles 4
32 Helen Keaton Pearson Cycles Pearson Cycles 4
33 Sara Flatt Thetford MTB 4
34 Anna Buick Thetford MTB 4
35 Maria David Dulwich Paragon 3
36 Liz Rice London Phoenix 3

Monday, 12 April 2010

Elise Sherwell retains League Leader's Jersey at Hog Hill

Check your ranking in the LWCR league after our second round at East London Velo's Spring Rumble at Hog Hill on Saturday.

Race report coming soon!

Photo courtesy of

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

What's Hog Hill like?

Here’s what Claire Beaumont (Rapha Condor/London Dynamo) has to say about the Hog Hill Circuit.

The purpose built Redbridge Cycle Centre replaced the legendary Eastway cycle circuit in 2008. In the two years since it opened, Hog Hill (as it is more familiarly known) has certainly captured the hearts of London based riders with its modern clubhouse and ample shower/changing rooms, plus inspiring views across London. It’s proven to be a great place to race on.

Out on the smooth tarmac the 2km course is split into a lower and upper section. The lower circuit is out of sight of the clubhouse and has sweeping bends that allow you to carry your speed through. This is great for those not so technically minded, but it can also break up the race out on the flat as people sprint out of the bends.

The lower circuit connects to the upper section by a short sharp hill from which Hog Hill gets its name.
Many have nicknamed this the Hoggenberg, after its resemblance to the climbs featured in the Spring classic races in Belgium. As the climb reaches up to the finishing straight this provides for a more exciting finish to a hotly contested race.
The upper circuit stays within sight of the clubhouse and features a short descent and left hand bend which is slightly tighter than others found on the lower section of the course.

I like Hog Hill as it’s a great way to test fitness. Flatter courses can sometimes be unexciting and the course really does provide some entertainment. It’s a fantastic way to improve your bike-handling and climbing ability as well as to find your strengths!

For even more of a feel for what Hog Hill's like, check out this video of a lap of the circuit on LondonCycleSport.  

Monday, 5 April 2010

Guide to Time Trialling and the G25/53

Rebecca Slack (London Dynamo) gives a beginners' guide to time trialling.

It's the simplest of competitive formats: riders start a minute apart, rather than together. It's known as the 'race of truth' because there's nowhere to hide, no one to draft off; just you, your bike, your thumping heart and a clock ticking.

Don’t be put off by other riders with all the gear (TT bike, aero front wheel, rear disc, skinsuit, pointy helmet etc)…. it’s not a cast iron guarantee they’ll beat you!  Many people take turbo trainers and warm up in the HQ car park, but the ride to the start suffices as a warm up for most mere mortals.

Leave plenty of time to get down to the start. Don’t be late!

It pays to know a little about the course – especially what to expect in the last few miles when you’ll be emptying the tank!

The start for the G25/53 course is in a quiet lay-by more than a mile from the HQ at Broadbridge Heath, where you will find the start timekeeper and a “pusher”. The pusher holds you by your seat post and will launch you from the start at your allotted time slot.

Try not to wobble - they won’t let you fall over… then it’s “five, four, three, two, one”…. you’re off!! It’s tempting to power off down the road at an unsustainable 350W, but from experience, not wise. Try to go off at a work rate you can maintain for the entire ride. Pacing is an important attribute in successful time trialling.

You’ll be pedaling like stink and hurting like hell – keep telling yourself to “embrace the pain – it’s only temporary!” Your nose will run and you won’t notice the traffic whizzing by.

Always look behind you if overtaking a slower rider and don’t be scared senseless if someone whirrs past you on a rear disc wheel. Pay attention to marshals at the various roundabouts to avoid going off course – remember they can direct cyclists but can not interfere with the flow of traffic so always be ready to give way at junctions if necessary.

On the G25/53 course you will go up a steep slip road and down the other side (rather than under the bridge) half way round the course. Enjoy the long drag up the course and enjoy it even more on the way down but don't forget to pedal hard on the downhill and downwind bits too! When inside the last few miles, dig as deep as you possibly can – every second counts!!!

By the time you arrive at the finish you should be ready to collapse in a heap and be barely capable of another pedal stroke. Well, free wheel down the road until at least out of sight of the finish line first.
There is a real feeling of euphoria as you pedal back to HQ – the early start will have felt worth it!

photo by Gavin Percy

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Race Entry News

1. East London Velo Spring Rumble - Saturday 10th April
This will be round 2 of the LWCR League. Advance entry and entry on the day welcome.
NOTE: This race is open to ALL categories (not just 1,2,3 as shown in the BC Calendar)

2. Addiscombe CC 25 mile time trial - Sunday 25th April
This will be round 4 of the LWCR League. Advance entry to this is obligatory. Closing date is Tuesday 13th April. Entry to be done using a cycling time trials form. Event and organiser's contact details can be found either in the cycling time trials handbook, through your time trial secretary or email us and we can let you know.

3. The Women's Team Series race at Windsor on Sunday 18th April now has a full field of 80 riders. Those who have missed out on an entry to this race may want to consider going to the Eagle Road Club women's race on Saturday 17th April at Hog Hill. Race starts at 2.15pm and lasts 1 hour. Entry on the day only.

Finally, don't forget to affiliate to the LWCR League before your first race. As per the league rules, points cannot be added on retroactively. Details on how to affiliate to the league are in the "join" section.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Fantastic League Opener at Goodwood!

Sunday 28th March. A record field of around 40 riders took the start line at the Surrey League @ Goodwood races for our opening round of the League.

Various levels of rider raced the 13 laps and 28 miles of the historic motor circuit.
While the novice riders were chaperoned around the course, the experienced racers battled it out at the sharp end of the bunch. The front group of racers from Pearson Cycles, Twickenham CC, Kingston Wheelers and others set a high pace which quickly fragmented the field into various chunks. Several women attempted to attack, in particular Rebecca Slack (London Dynamo) Lise Soerensen and Emily Bagnall (both Kingston Wheelers) but the windy conditions wouldn’t allow any successful breakaway.

Coming into the final lap, the front group, now whittled down to around 10 riders still had everything to play for. With help from her Pearson Cycles clubmate Mathilde Pauls, Elise Sherwell was able to launch an intense sprint for the finish line, which proved too strong for Hannah Bowers (Team MuleBar Girls) who had been marking the ex-rower during the race. Pauls completed the podium, while Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix) who finished in fifth place, was the highest placed 4th category racer. It was a bumper day for Elise who not only donned the leaders jersey, but she also won both of the primes (intermediate sprint race).

Reactions: Matt Harper (Look Mum No Hands!): "It was fantastic to see so many girls out racing. Elise was a worthy winner and Look Mum No Hands is proud to be involved."

Elise Sherwell: (Pearson Cycles) "I thoroughly enjoyed my first race of the season. Although the wind was blowing, the rain was not falling, so it was a great day to have a bike race. Lots of people were working hard on the front trying to make breaks happen, but because of the wind and various other reasons these were never really successful. In the end it came down to a sprint and I dug deep to stay ahead! The next London Women's League race will have all categories so I expect some tougher competition, but I am pretty happy with winning the first ever London Women's League race."

Rebecca Slack (London Dynamo): “It was a massive day for women's cycle racing. I'd particularly like to thank the chaperones today who provided such an important role to the rookie riders. The three London Dynamo racing virgins who took part absolutely loved it.”

The Surrey League organisers and the promoting club, Dulwich Paragon were delighted with how the race went and were very impressed with the quality of the racing.

photos by Gavin Percy


1 Elise Sherwell Pearson Cycles
2 Hannah Bowers Team MuleBar Girls
3 Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles
4 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers
5 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix
6 Lise Soerensen Kingston Wheelers
7 Lauren Whitmore London Dynamo
8 Rebecca Slack London Dynamo
9 Tina Reid Twickenham CC
10 Vikki Filsell VC de Londres
11 Jayne Rendall Hannan Twickenham CC
12 Donna Le Blancq Velo Sport Jersey
13 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers
14 Edie Bassy Abergavenney RC
15 Clare Chambers Twickenham CC
16 Sol Findley Twickenham CC
17 Alexandra Marzec London Phoenix
18 Tamar Vanderhaas Brighton Mitre
19 Claire Summers Dulwich Paragon CC
20 Melissa Brand Pearson Cycles
21 Kyle Lindsey London Dynamo
22 Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon CC
23 Charmaine Brown Pearson Cycles
24 Anna Glowinski Team MuleBar Girls
25 Jessica Mitchell London Dynamo
26 Amy Jacobs VC Jubilee
27 Helen Keaton Pearson Cycles
28 Ann Marshall South Western RC
29 Antonia de Barton Watson London Dynamo
30 Liz Rice London Phoenix
31 Lisa Deefholts Redhill CC
32 Bridget Malarkey Addiscombe CC
33 Nancy Gibson Rollapaluza CC
34 Maria Balbi Redhill CC
35 Francesca Farran-Lee Twickenham CC
36 Joanna Le Cocq Velo Sport Jersey
37 Lydia Boylan London Dynamo
dnf Danielle Archer A3CRG

Monday, 29 March 2010

Our First LWCR League Leader

Congratulations to Elise Laverick-Sherwell (Pearson Cycles) who stormed to victory at the first round of the LWCR League at Goodwood on 28th March.

Well done to everyone else who raced and helped to make this a great day and a record turnout at the historic motor circuit.
Results and reports to follow.

Photo by Gavin Percy

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

League starts this Sunday at Goodwood

Our opening race on 28th March is organised by the Surrey League, and you can enter online here, or simply enter on the day. Race entry is £13, or £18 if you don't have a BC licence.

Getting to Goodwood

The race takes place on the Goodwood Motor Circuit at Goodwood airfield - here's a map (and here is Lisa Scarlett's review of what it's like to race there).

Our advice would be to get there about an hour before the race starts at 9:31 - that will give you plenty of time to sign on, get changed, make sure your bike is put together properly and perhaps do a little warming up. There will be a couple of practice laps before the race starts, so you'll get a chance to get a feel for riding as a group.

If you've got space in your car to offer a lift, or if you need help getting there, why not share your offer / request in our Facebook group?

To affiliate to the league, either as a club or individually please click on the "Join" section of the website, complete the form and send in your cheque.

If you're going to be participating in the League (at Goodwood or any other event), you can help us out beforehand by entering your name and club on this online form. It's not compulsory, but it'll make sure we spell your name correctly!

When you sign on at Goodwood (and any other League event), please mark an 'L' by your name to indicate that you're participating in the League.

Our leader's jerseys have arrived!

At the end of the race on Sunday, the League leader will be awarded our lovely new LWCR / look mum no hands jersey, to wear at the next League race.