Saturday 24 April 2010

May races -- enter now!

May is quickly approaching and with it two of the more unique races in our league calendar: the Hillingdon Grand Prix on May 16 and the South East Regional Road Race Championships on May 22. The former is one of the few opportunities to ride a women's-only race on the testosterone-dominated Hillingdon circuit; the latter is one of only two women's open road races held in the London area this season.

Despite the British Cycling calendar proclaiming that EOL (entry on the line, or on the day) is available for both these races, it's often a good idea to enter these events in advance as the organisers like to put together a pre-race programme containing the names of all the riders plus other essential info. And as Stuart Benstead of the Hillingdon GP has so gently reminded us, entering in advance shows our support for the hard-working organisers and encourages them to keep running these events for us.

So with that said, get busy and get entering! Print off a BC road race entry form, fill it out with the relevant information (don't worry about writing down your recent results, just the basic info will do) and get your chequebook ready.

For the Hillingdon GP, make the cheque for £15 payable to BC West Thames Productions and mail it with your entry form to:
Mr Stuart Benstead
1 Brackendale Close

For the South East RR Champs, make the cheque for £14 payable to British Cycling South East Region and mail it with your entry form to:
Mr Simon Mitchell
23 Fulford Road
KT19 9QZ

For a report of last year's Hillingdon GP, check out the BC site. For more information on last year's SE RR Champs, see the South East Cycling site.

Note: This race is open to women racers from all regions and all riders are eligible for BC points, however only South East based riders are eligble for the title of South East Champion. In this race a rider's region is based on where she lives rather than where her club is based.