Wednesday 6 July 2011

Round 8 results are up!

A good field of local riders gathered on the start line for the second round of the Inverse RT Summer Road Race Series, which was also Round 8 of the LWCR League. The bunch, which consisted of a good spread of established and new racers set off at a high tempo pace.

Thanks to the efforts of Nicola Juniper (Inverse/Cyclaim RT) and Detta Guerrini (London Dynamo) the peloton was strung out on a number of occasions, but no breakaway managed to stick. Not even the prime lap, won by Tabitha Rendall (Team Larkfield Cycles) from Emily Bagnall (Kingston Wheelers) and Nicola Juniper (Inverse/Cyclaim RT) could do much to split the bunch.

Each hard effort on the mini climb meant a handful of newer riders dropped off the pace, but they kept going nevertheless, with riders such as Romana Richards (Kingston Wheelers) and Anna Korbacz (London Dynamo) working well together and making the most of their first foray into racing.

At one point a trio consisting of Juniper, Guerrini and High Wycombe CC’s Karla Boddy looked like they would get away, but as ever the bunch managed to pull them back, and the peloton stayed together for the duration of the race.

Detta Guerrini launches an attack.

The bell lap saw Nicola Juniper put in a huge dig on the climb, shelling a few women off the back. A little jostling saw a couple of riders, including Vikki Filsell (Pearson CC) hit the deck - fortunately with no damage to bike nor rider.

Coming into the home strait the contenders gave it their all, but no one could match the sprinting prowess of Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands RT) who seemed to dart out from nowhere to snatch the win and ride herself back to the top of the league table.

Lydia Boylan has a comfortable margin of victory to sit up and celebrate early.

Detta Guerrini (London Dynamo) and Clemence Copie (Private Member) completed the podium and Karla Boddy (High Wycombe CC) was awarded a fourth place prize. Nicola Juniper (Inverse/Cyclaim RT) was deservedly nominated the Bean About Town Rider of the Day.

The podium (from left to right, Detta Guerrini, Lydia Boylan and Clemence Copie), flanked by promoting club Inverse/Cyclaim's "podium girls" Nicola Juniper and Dyanne Holland.

1 Lydia Boylan Look Mum No Hands RT*
2 Suzetta Guerrini London Dynamo/Prologue*
3 Clemence Copie Private Member
4 Karla Boddy High Wycombe Cycling Club*
5 Emily Bagnall Kingston Whls CC*
6 Lisa Gunn Kingston Whls CC*
7 Anna Grundy Look Mum No Hands RT*
8 Tabitha Rendall Team Larkfield Cycles*
9 Nicole Oh Pearson Cycling Club*
10 Nicola Juniper Inverse/Cyclaim RT *
11 Tessa Pugh London Dynamo/Prologue*
12 Monica Da Polenza AW Cycles*
13 Gina McGeever Brighton Mitre CC
14 Sarah Odell Pearson Cycling Club*
15 Pan Pan Fan Look Mum No Hands RT*
16 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycling Club*
17 Natalie White Charlotteville CC
18 Helen McKay Look Mum No Hands RT*
19 Sarah Yates Pearson Cycling Club*
20 Sarah Hobby WyndyMilla Maxifuel
21 Erin Cullino Private Member
22 Romana Richards Kingston Whls CC*
23 Karen Harding Charlotteville CC
24 Anna Korbacz London Dynamo/Prologue*

*denotes LWCR League affiliated rider

Thanks to John from London Cycle Sport for the pics! More are here with a write-up here.