Friday 28 October 2011

2011 Awards Night Recap

Many thanks to our sponsors AnaNichoola, Motion Junkies and Rapha Racing for generously providing so many quality prizes for our annual awards night (full list below). Highlights of the evening included league winner Lydia Boylan of Look Mum No Hands! RT receiving a Rapha long-sleeved jersey and rainjacket along with a trophy commemorating her win. Look Mum No Hands! RT took home a massive trophy for their win in the team category, which will be proudly displayed. Thanks to Sam, Lewin and Matt for letting us hold the awards evening there in the cafe.

Look Mum No Hands! RT members took the top team prize (from left, DS Sam Humpheson and riders Anna Grundy, league individual winner Lydia Boylan, and Helen McKay)

The jury-awarded categories each received Rapha arm warmers and cap. They included most improved rider (Tabitha Rendall, Team Larkfield Cycles), best new rider (Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC), rider showing the most commitment (Lisa Gunn, Kingston Wheelers), and most combative rider (Nicola Juniper, Inverse/Cyclaim RT). The Lanterne Rouge prize went to the lowest-ranked rider present on the night, which turned out to be Nikki Engelbach of Pearson CC. She received a Rapha club jersey and special red cap.

Individual Prizes
1st Lydia Boylan, Look Mum No Hands! RT, trophy + Rapha long-sleeved jersey + rainjacket
2nd Anna Grundy, LMNH, Rapha club jersey
3rd Charlie Easton, LMNH, Rapha club jersey
4th Emily Bagnall, Kingston Wheelers, Rapha club jersey
5th Astrid Wingler, London Phoenix, Rapha club jersey
6th Helen McKay, LMNH, Rapha cap
7th Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC, Rapha cap
8th Lisa Gunn, Kingston Wheelers, Rapha cap
9th Vikki Filsell, Pearson CC, AnaNichoola armwarmers
10th Dyanne Holland, Inverse/Cyclaim RT, AnaNichoola armwarmers
11th Nicole Oh, Pearson CC, Rapha scarf
12th Joanne McRae, LMNH, Rapha scarf
13th Tabitha Rendall, Team Larkfield Cycles, Rapha scarf
14th Delia Beddis, Dulwich Paragon, Rapha scarf
15th Coralie Glaunes, Pearson CC, Rapha scarf
16th Pan Pan Fan, LMNH, AnaNichoola scarf
17th Nicola Hamilton, LMNH, AnaNichoola gloves
18th Tessa Pugh, London Dynamo, Rapha water bottles + Motion Junkies kit
19th Elise Sherwell, LMNH, Rapha water bottles
20th Tracy Corbett, London Dynamo, Motion Junkies kit

Team Prizes
1st Look Mum No Hands! RT, trophy
2nd Pearson CC, trophy
3rd Kingston Wheelers, trophy

The girls from Pearson CC showed up in team kit to claim 2nd place overall in the team competition (from left, Vikki Filsell, Nikki Engelback and Mathilde Pauls)

Other Prize Categories
Most Improved Rider: Tabitha Rendall, Team Larkfield Cycles
Best New Rider: Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC,p
Rider showing the most commitment: Lisa Gunn, Kingston Wheelers
Most combative rider: Nicola Juniper, Inverse/Cyclaim RT
Lanterne Rouge (lowest placed rider who is present on the night): Nikki Engelbach, Pearson CC

We also awarded Rider of the Day for two rounds, sponsored by Motion Junkies who awarded Hoo Ha Ride Glide and shampoo bundles:
Round 5, Hog Hill: Astrid Wingler, London Phoenix
Round 9, Henfold Hill: Vikki Filsell, Pearson CC

And awarded from the first race of the season:
Best 3rd cat: Dyanne Holland, Inverse/Cyclaim RT (winner of AnaNichoola gloves)
Best 4th cat: Kate Hewett, Team Mule Bar Girls (winner of Rapha armwarmers)

The evening's MC and league coordinator Maria David thanked everyone for coming and mentioned that the league had been a great success this year, even counting world junior road race champion Lucy Garner (Motorpoint) as one of the participants. With 55 riders taking part in 8 races on several different and challenging courses, we had something for everyone. We hope to see everyone back next season.

League coordinator Maria David MC's the evening.

Rapha Racing rep and league member Collyn Ahart mentioned that Rapha is hoping to see both the league and women's cycling in general increase in profile in 2012 by putting more into the sponsorship role. Of course, the LWCR can't operate without volunteers at the helm, and with Maria moving on to new challenges we are looking for someone to take over heading up the league next year. It's a nearly thankless task, but Collyn assured us that anyone wishing to take it on would be looked after in the form of Rapha kit in kind. So let us know if you're up for the job.

Special thanks go to Dave Hayward for taking photos of the evening.