Wednesday 4 April 2012

News: Richmond Park TT and Hillingdon circuit races confirmed!

Some of you were asking about a couple of our TBA races and we can happily say now that they've been confirmed. In fact, the entire calendar is now confirmed with the exception of the final race which we're hoping will be another closed circuit TT at the Cyclopark (but more details and final confirmation still to come -- luckily it's in September so a long ways off!)

Our next race is at Hillingdon on the evening of Wed. April 18. This race is ONLY entry on the line, so get there early to give yourself enough time to line up, pay, pin your number on, warm up and get ready to race! Race starts at 7pm sharp and will probably be a shortish one (less than an hour) due to the sun setting. Bring lights if you're riding home afterwards!

Also confirmed now is the Richmond Park Time Trial on Sun. June 17. This event MUST be entered in advance via the link above through Rider HQ. It's first-come first-served with 25 spaces reserved for women (more if we get there first!) so get entering! As well, this event MUST be ridden with a regular road bike only to count as a league race (choose "Lady Road" when entering). That means no TT bike, no clip-on aero bars, no aero helmets, no disk or deep section (deeper than 30mm) wheels. Skinsuits are allowed.