Thursday 19 July 2012

July News and Updates

Crystal Palace, RESCHEDULED for July 31

July 31 is our rescheduled Crystal Palace race date -- weather permitting. Should it be rained out, we will postpone til August 7, and if that's rained out we'll go with August 14 which is the final race at Palace for this season. Apologies that it will be in the middle of the Olympics (something we had hoped to avoid) but we think you'll agree that July is pretty full with races as it is, so we wanted to put it as close to August as possible. And given this summer's weather, we thought it would be best to pick a date that left us with some extra rainout dates.

Surrey League Road Races, July 22 and September 2

With a great turnout for our first road race of the season at the Southeast Regional Champs, the second road race with only 19 entries and the third with only 23 entries were somewhat disappointing. We're hoping to see a lot more of you at the final two road races and please be aware, low turnouts mean these races risk not being run next season. The Surrey League is happy to promote and support women's racing, but only if women promote and support -- and enter -- the races in return. Entries need to be higher to warrant the effort and money spent on organising them. So please show your support and sign up for the road races in advance on our calendar.

League Admin

Thanks to those who volunteered and marshalled at Crystal Palace on July 17, your effort is much appreciated!

League rankings are now up to date!

Next season year the LWCR will need some more help behind the scenes if the league is to continue running as it has -- Maryka will be stepping down, so it's time for some new faces to step up and take over. If you are thinking about getting more involved, let us know.

The LWCR team