Monday 22 March 2010

Road Race Entry News

1. LWCR League Race 1
Goodwood - 28th March: Entry Fees - £13 (Advance or on the day)
£18 (Non-BC licence holder)
Don't forget to affiliate to LWCR before Goodwood if you would like your result from this race to be included in the League. Details in the "Join" section.

2. Twickenham CC Women's Team Series Race, Windsor: Closing date for entry, 28th March
Get your entries soon! Event details here. Enter using either a team entry form or an individual entry form

3. LWCR League Race 4
Addiscombe 25M time trial - 25th April: Closing date, as with all time trials is 14 days before the event. Get your entry in by 10th April!
Event details here and in the Cycling time trials handbook. Enter using the standard time trial entry form