Sunday 29 January 2012

LWCR joins the Surrey League for 2012

We've always had a good relationship with the Surrey League as they are ardent supporters of women's racing, and we have in turn included several of their races in our league. But this year it's a bit more formal: we at the LWCR have joined the Surrey League for 2012, meaning that our members can get the discounted entry fee at their races. In return, we are promoting a day of racing at the Cyclopark in Kent, including a men's E/1/2/3 and men's 4th cat race.

This day is Saturday April 28, which just happens to be the date of our third league race of the season. For the first time, we are promoting our own race! We will need a hand with marshalling and managing the men's races that day, so stay tuned for info on how you can help.

Here's how it works:

If you're a member of a club that's already affiliated with the Surrey League for men's racing (generally the larger local teams like London Dynamo or Dulwich Paragon, but also some smaller teams -- check with your club's road racing rep) then you can join the Surrey League as an individual in your club's name. For those riders who aren't members of Surrey League-affiliated teams (in particular our women's-only teams, or teams outside of Southeast England) then you can affiliate as an individual with us. Just make sure you list "LWCR" as your team (though of course we know you will race for your real team!)

Individual affiliation for women costs £10, and over the course of the season you will collect Surrey League points based on your results (as long as you don't DNS or DNF a race, you are guaranteed at least one point per race!) which will be traded in for cash at the end of the year. As we have a total of five Surrey League races on our calendar, it makes sense to join. And affiliation gives you the discounted entry fee for any other Surrey League races you might want to do: men's, women's, TTs, handicaps, on circuits and on the open road -- check out the calendar here or on the Rider HQ site.

Affiliation is being done through Rider HQ this year which means you need to be approved by either your club (if a Surrey League-affiliated club) or us at LWCR (if joining through us). You can affiliate here: Then it's just a matter of entering races -- so get entering!

If you are a new racer this season, it's highly recommended that you do the Cyclopark Surrey League race on Sunday February 5. This one is for 3rd and 4th cat riders only, and will include some tips and practise on group riding and racing before the race begins. Enter here.

Some other useful links:
-- Surrey League rules and regulations
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-- our 2012 calendar (still in draft form with a few races to be confirmed)